Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome To The Feminist Pity Party

Here's a sad but glaring example of just how out of touch and clueless the feminists really are concerning men and the harsh realities of the world. Check it out for yourself:


The fact of the matter is that the societal changes most responsible for the growing rape culture are the very feminist institutions that were erected to prevent such behavior. The dysfunction that feminism has injected into our culture include rejection of Christianity, abortion, dangerously low birth-rates, multiculturalism as a substitute for motherhood, political correctness, sensitivity training, high divorce rates, recreational sex, single motherhood, women working in non-traditional professions, and lesbianism as a lifestyle choice.

All of these changes were supported by feminists and they all represent a flat rejection of the most basic and time tested standards of civilized behavior and cultural advancement. In light of today's institutionalized undermining of the importance of fatherhood and chivalry, should it surprise anyone that a rape culture would emerge to fill that void?

Now that the barbarian is at the gate the feminists are, once again, calling for more of same failed government sponsored social engineering policies that have already contributed so much to the moral breakdown of our once great American culture, as well as to our continued importation of third world "psychobabble" and "doublethink".

Let's get this straight right now! Boys will always be boys and that's just a fact of life. The truth of the matter is that Stalinist remedies such as more sensitivity training, stricter political correctness and harsher punishments will only result in a backlash of equal intensity.

The feminists are as responsible as anyone for creating the rape culture because they have always supported those dysfunctional government programs and the brain-dead propaganda being churned out by the educational system, as well as the mainstream media, and because these brainwashed women are also the dysfunctional mothers of these hooligans. If it's true that "behind every successful man stands a strong women" then it can also be said that "behind every "loser", "faggot" or "gang-banger" stands a "single mom" or a "career women".

Our culture today is what it is and the feminist are as guilty as anyone for making it so. Therefore it's time for the feminist to stop the pity party, face reality, and take some personal responsibility for their own safety.

I'm appalled to see that so few of today's liberated working moms, as well as today's marginalized and downsized fathers, haven't even bothered to teach their daughters some common sense safety tips and some basic self-defense! This is absolutely pathetic!

Obviously it's a damned shame any time a women is raped, but web-sites like this one just rekindle past traumas while doing nothing to correct the underlying problems.