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VIDEO: Hey, American Idiots !!!! Wake Up !!!!

The corporate media gets caught lying again! These people have no shame!

VIDEO: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur on the Elites & NAFTA

Can you say "North American Union?"

Memo To Corporate Media: Anyone Can Dress Up As An Arab Terrorist & Fake An Al-Qaeda Tape

America's press whores gear up for another summer of fearmongering with dubious "Al-Qaeda fan" WMD video

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nearly four years after Benjamin Vanderford hoodwinked the global media by manufacturing a fake Al-Qaeda beheading tape, America's corporate press whores are once again gearing up to fearmonger about the prospect of mushroom clouds over American cities by instantly ascribing gospel status to a dubious "Al-Qaeda fan" Internet videotape that encourages the use of WMD in a terrorist attack.
"Intelligence and law enforcement sources tell ABC News they are expecting al Qaeda supporters will post a new video on the Internet in the next 24 hours, calling for what one source said is "jihadists to use biological, chemical and nuclear weapons to attack the West," according to the report.
"There have been several reports that al Qaeda will release a new message calling for the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against civilians," FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told ABC News in an e-mail.
Since the dubious series of beheading videos, which coincidentally came to a stop when one of our readers managed to expose the ludicrousness of accepting such propaganda at face value by hoodwinking the world media with a fake beheading tape, "Al-Qaeda" has been resigned to spreading its message through Mossad agents like Adam Pearlman and alleged sketchy Bin Laden audio recordings.
(Article continues below)

It was back in August 2004 that 22-year-old aspiring video game designer Benjamin
Nearly four years after Benjamin Vanderford hoodwinked the global media by manufacturing a fake Al-Qaeda beheading tape, America's corporate press whores are once again gearing up to fearmonger about the prospect of mushroom clouds over American cities by instantly ascribing gospel status to a dubious "Al-Qaeda fan" Internet videotape that encourages the use of WMD in a terrorist attack.
"Intelligence and law enforcement sources tell ABC News they are expecting al Qaeda supporters will post a new video on the Internet in the next 24 hours, calling for what one source said is "jihadists to use biological, chemical and nuclear weapons to attack the West," according to the report.
"There have been several reports that al Qaeda will release a new message calling for the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against civilians," FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told ABC News in an e-mail.
Since the dubious series of beheading videos, which coincidentally came to a stop when one of our readers managed to expose the ludicrousness of accepting such propaganda at face value by hoodwinking the world media with a fake beheading tape, "Al-Qaeda" has been resigned to spreading its message through Mossad agents like Adam Pearlman and alleged sketchy Bin Laden audio recordings.

Vanderford posted a 55 second clip on the Internet filmed at his friend's house which depicted himself being crudely beheaded while fake blood spurted for visual effect. Vanderford's buddy dressed up like the infamous Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, barked out a template terrorist screed, and the press bought it hook, line and sinker.
The corporate media lapped up the phony tape and within hours of it being uploaded serious analysts on Fox News were citing the footage as further evidence to prove we were in a war against bloodthirsty terrorists.
Vanderford said he made the tape "to just make a statement on these type of videos and how easily they can be faked."
Vanderford single-handedly proved that anyone in the world can dress up as an Arab terrorist, fake a beheading scene or a speech, upload it to the Internet, and have the global media obsessing about the deadly threat of Al-Qaeda within hours.

Benjamin Vanderford's "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Slaughters an American" hoax was accepted at face value by a feverish corporate media who instantly afforded credence to the fraud.
The latest "Al-Qaeda WMD" sideshow is no different. This could have been made by the tooth fairy for all the corporate media cares. It fills up the headlines, it attracts viewers and it pleases their military-industrial complex sponsors who make a killing out of artificially inflating the scope of the phantom war on terror for increased weapons sales and fighter jets.
The lesson that the Internet is an anonymous free-for-all medium has still not been learned four years later as the media seizes upon the latest offering which provides them with an ample opportunity to fearmonger about biological attacks turning American cities into quarantine camps this summer.
One wonders if the new tape will feature original rhetoric or whether it will just be lifted almost entirely from a satirical spoof website, as was the case with the previous "Al-Qaeda tape".
You know it's bad when even IntelCenter, the Pentagon front group that routinely releases fake "Al-Qaeda" propaganda videos of Bin Laden speeches cobbled together from 5-year-old footage, is denouncing the new tape as inconsequential.
"Supporter videos are made by fans or supporters who may not have ever had any contact with a real terrorist," IntelCenter's CEO Ben Venzke told ABC News. "These videos almost always are comprised of old video footage that is edited together to make a new video." (Takes one to know one, Ben!)
"Considering them so would be the equivalent of considering a 10-year-old's homemade fan video of his favorite sports team to be an official team message," Venzke said. "IntelCenter is not aware of any new imminent message by al-Qaeda or any other leading jihadist group in audio or video form that will call for the use of WMD against civilians."
Venzke makes a good point but he might just be upset that the "Al-Qaeda fan" didn't go through his military-industrial complex front in releasing the tape.
If you're wondering why the boys at IntelCenter always know when an "Al-Qaeda" video is set to be released two days before it pops up, the answer is simple - they are manufacturing the entire fraud.
Similar to the need to create a PR buzz before the release of a new DVD or a movie, IntelCenter makes sure its customers know ahead of time in order to cash in on a lucrative scheme that services client subscribers from governments and intelligence agencies around the world.
The franchise of hawking terrorist propaganda is no doubt a multi-million dollar cash cow, which is why Venzke seems upset that he's not got his hand in the pie on this one, but money isn't the only agenda behind IntelCenter's operation.
As we have exhaustively documented, Intelcenter is an offshoot of IDEFENSE, which was staffed by a senior military psy-op intelligence officer Jim Melnick, who has worked directly for Donald Rumsfeld. The organization released the "laughing hijackers" tape and claimed it was an Al-Qaeda video, despite the fact that the footage was obtained by a "security agency" at a 2000 Bin Laden speech.
IntelCenter was recently caught adding its logo to a tape at the same time as Al-Qaeda's so-called media arm As-Sahab added its logo, proving the two organizations were one and the same.
The Pakistani based Al-Qaeda group Jundullah, formerly headed by the alleged mastermind of 9/11, an organization which enjoys the funding, support and protection of the CIA, also produces propaganda tapes and literature for As-Sahab and in turn IntelCenter.
Perhaps the latest Al-Qaeda-WMD fraud denotes that IntelCenter has some good old fashioned competition on its hands in the emerging market of terrorist propaganda tapes, but for the rest of us it's another painful reminder that the corporate media has abandoned any pretense of investigative journalism in favor of acting as a mere relay circuit for Neo-Con black propaganda.

VIDEO: CCP's Cruel Falun Gong Persecution Real Reference

Here's a living, breathing Chinese concentration camp prisoner! Yup! It's a classic example of Chinese capitalism at it's best!

VIDEO: Organ Harvesting in China

Anyone who thinks that China is actually becoming a free society really needs to see this video.

VIDEO: China's organ harvesting concentration camp

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"North American Parliament" Meets At Integration Forum

Students trained in "sense of belonging to North America"

Steve Watson
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A simulation of a North American Parliament, designed to "develop the participants' sense of belonging to North America" and "and promote the creation of North American academia networks" is currently taking place in Montreal.
100 selected students from universities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico have been selected to take on the roles of Legislators, Journalists and Lobbyists, in the fourth annual Triumvirate of the North American Forum on Integration.
The meeting represents another example of an overarching movement on behalf of globalist business leaders and politicians to merge the three nations of North America into an EU like federation.
Participants at the Triumvirate discuss draft bills on issues such as trade corridors, immigration, NAFTA’s Chapter 11 and renewable energy.
While the meeting is billed as an exercise to debate these areas of policy, there is no simulated opposition to the overall agenda and the documents provided to participants represent little more than essays debunking opponents of NAFTA, attacking traders who do not adhere to a North American union model, presenting methods of control such as the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative which considers biometric RFID cards for border crossings, and promoting the agenda of NAFI itself which it makes clear is to forge North American integration.
The Triumvirate also has its own Constitution and Participant's handbook which calls for the creation of a "Trilateral Legislative Commission" and even outlines the need for more "secret meetings" (pg20-21) in the vain of the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership.
"Legislators" are set the task of "representing a country other than their own" in a parliament at the federal level or at the state/provincial level. While "lobbyists" must ensure that the interests of their organization (assigned to them by NAFI) are upheld in drafted resolutions.
The Triumvirate even has its own mock newspaper, operated by the students playing the roles of journalists. According to NAFI, the TrilatHerald, "covers the developments and evolution of the debates, the press conferences, and interviews with conference speakers, legislators and lobbyists."
This highlights the importance the architects of the North American union agenda place upon the role of the media. Public perception is key, reporting on the movement must be strictly framed to project a positive image and this is why the role of journalists is placed on a par with that of legislators and lobbyists by the organizers.
The main objectives of the Triumvirate are listed as:
To bring future Canadian, American and Mexican leaders together in order to experience and take part in an international negotiation exercise.
To allow participants to familiarize themselves with the functioning of democratic institutions as well as North American political, economic, environmental and social realities.
To develop the participants' sense of belonging to North America.
To increase intercultural exchanges and promote the creation of North American academia networks.
To inform the current decision makers of the priorities and concerns of North American youth.
Speakers at the meeting this year include Former Premier of Québec, Pierre Marc Johnson, Leader of the Bloc Québécois Gilles Duceppe, Dr. Ruby Dhalla Member of Parliament (Liberal Party) Member of the Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group, and Jack Layton, Leader of the New Democratic Party.
The universities taking part this year include The State University of New York, Brigham Young University, University of Texas at Dallas, Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México, University of Alberta, Arizona State University, Centre d'Études et de Recherche Internationales de l'Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM), University of Texas at El Paso and the University of Cincinnati.

According to their website, NAFI “aims to address the issues raised by North American integration as well as identify new ideas and strategies to reinforce the North American region,” and hold “NAFI organized conferences which brought together government and academic figures as well as business people.”
The first conference was held in Montreal in 2003, the second in 2004 in Mexico, of which was stated on the organization’s website: “About 200 participants and conference speakers took part in the conference, [including] former Energy Minister, Mr. Felipe Calderon,” the current President of Mexico.
The NAFI Triumvirate exercise first began in May 2005, shortly after the initial Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement was signed by President Bush, then-Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, on March 23.
The first Triumvirate took place in the Canadian Senate and was hosted by the Triumvirate president and former ambassador to both Mexico and the U.S Raymond Chrétien, the son of Jean Chrétien.
At the time NAFI authored a press release entitled “A North American Parliament is Born”.
"The creation of a North American parliament, such as the one being simulated by these young people, should be considered," commented Chretien.
The board of directors of NAFI includes Stephen Blank, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Robert Pastor, vice chairman of the CFR Task Force on North America and professor and director of the Center for North American Studies at American University.
Pastor has previously testified before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the idea of merging the United States, Mexico and Canada in a North American union stretching from Prudhoe Bay to Guatemala.
Pastor, one of the architects of the plan for a regional government, has also authored a book titled "Toward a North American Community," and speaks at confabs in front of governmental officials, promoting the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.
In his role at the CFR, Pastor oversaw the publication of the 2005 CFR document called "Building a North American Community" which bragged that its recommendations are "explicitly linked" to SPP. The document called for establishing a "common perimeter" around North America by 2010, the development of a biometric North American border pass, and the adoption of a North American tariff."
Further CFR documents have revealed that the group wants to "establish private bodies that would meet regularly or annually to buttress North American relationships, along the lines of the Bilderberg conferences." (Bilderberg are the power brokers behind the formation of the EU and the single European currency)
The document presents itself as a blueprint for using bureaucratic action within the executive branches of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada to transform the current trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America into a North American union regional government.

We have previously highlighted the role NAFI has played in identifying four bands of NAFTA corridors (Pacific, West, East and Atlantic), all relying primarily upon internationalizing north-south existing interstate highways into NAFTA trade corridors.
The NAFI website states the following:
"Following the implementation of NAFTA, coalitions of interest have been formed in order to promote specific transport channels, to develop the infrastructures of these channels and to propose jurisdictional amendments to facilitate the crossing of borders. These coalitions include businesses, government agencies, civil organizations, metropolitan areas, rural communities and also individuals, wishing to strengthen the commercial hubs of their regions."
"The North American trade corridors are bi- or tri-national channels for which various cross-border interests have grouped together in order to develop or consolidate the infrastructures. The North American corridors are considered multimodal in the sense that they bring into play different modes of transport in succession."
"The infrastructures may include roads, highways, transit routes, airports, pipelines, railways and train stations, river canal systems and port facilities, telecommunications networks and teleports."
The architects of this unification are not just in name merging the agencies and the laws and the regulations, they are physically getting rid of the borders by buying off and lobbying the politicians at the state level, who then hand the roads and other public amenities over to international bodies and their subsidiary companies.
This is all being made possible by "public-private partnerships" under the stewardship of the SPP. These agreements are essentially Government-sanctioned monopolies that operate without Congressional oversight. PPP's are contracts between public agencies and private entities that enable private sector participation in public amenities.
Most recently, a Spanish toll road operator won the right to operate the Pennsylvania Turnpike on a 75-year lease in a $12.8 billion proposal, the largest ever bid for the private operation of a U.S. toll road.
The North American Integration agenda represents a final culling of what remaining power the people have, via democratic sovereign institutions. The SPP operates in stealth as an organized infrastructure outside the governmental framework of the three countries it encompasses, and is literally re-writing administrative law to "integrate" and "harmonize" the processes of government across the borders.
It constitutes the handing over of power to an unelected elite few, a gaggle of unaccountable bureaucrats whose strings are operated by global corporations and international banks.
Integration meetings such as the NAFI Triumvirate are simulations of the exact practices currently being undertaken by the SPP and it's offshoot organizations. The NAFI Triumvirate is designed to familiarize "future Canadian, American and Mexican leaders" with the processes involved in such practices.
The simulated process mirrors the activities of entities such as the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), an advisory Council Comprised of 30 senior private sector representatives of North American corporations that were selected by the American, Canadian and Mexican governments at the June 2006 trilateral meeting in Cancun, Mexico.
Recently, internal memos from Canada's Foreign Affairs and Internal Trade ministry revealed that heads of state of the U.S., Mexico and Canada beseeched business leaders at the NACC to launch public relations campaigns in order to counter critics of the SPP and the North American Union agenda.
However, the mainstream media will keep telling you the North American Union agenda is not real, that its on a par with invading space aliens and that if you believe in any of it you are totally crazy.

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The Task of Unifying the World Mind

Brent Jessop
Knowledge Driven
Monday, May 26, 2008

As the first Director of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), Sir Julian Sorell Huxley (1887-1975) wrote a paper entitled UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy (1946) [1] in which he outlined his vision for the newly created international organisation (which grew out of the League of Nations' Institute of Intellectual Co-operation). According to Huxley, the guiding philosophy of UNESCO should be what he termed, World Evolutionary Humanism. The previous article in this series described this philosophy and its relation to eugenics. This article will outline the purpose of UNESCO, which is to mentally prepare the world for global political unification under a single world government. It will also introduce the broad reach of tools and techniques at UNESCO's disposal under the banners of Education, Science and Culture.

Julian Huxley, an evolutionary biologist, humanist, and ardent internationalist held many titles including: Secretary of the Zoological Society of London (1935-42), first president of the British Humanist Association (1963), Vice-President (1937-44) and President (1959-62) of the British Eugenics Society. He was also a founding member of the World Wild Life Fund, coined the term "transhumanism" (as a means of disguising eugenics) and gave two Galton memorial lectures (1936, 1962). Huxley also received many awards including the Darwin Medal of the Royal Society (1956), UNESCO's Kalinga Prize (1953) and the Special Award of the Lasker Foundation in the category Planned Parenthood - World Population (1959) to name but a few. He is also the Grandson of Thomas Huxley (Darwin's Bulldog) and brother of author Aldous Huxley.

Facilitating World Government

From UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy:

[Italicised text is original emphasis and bolded text is added by author.]
"In general, Unesco must constantly be testing its policies against the touchstone of evolutionary progress. A central conflict of our times is that between nationalism and internationalism, between the concept of many national sovereignties and one world sovereignty. Here the evolutionary touchstone gives an unequivocal answer. The key to man's advance, the distinctive method which has made evolutionary progress in the human sector so much more rapid than in the biological and has given it higher and more satisfying goals, is the fact of cumulative tradition, the existence of a common pool of ideas which is self-perpetuating and itself capable of evolving. And this fact has had the immediate consequence of making the type of social organisation the main factor in human progress or at least its limiting framework.

Two obvious corollaries follow. First, that the more united man's tradition becomes, the more rapid will be the possibility of progress: several separate or competing or even mutually hostile pools of tradition cannot possibly be so efficient as a single pool common to all mankind. And secondly, that the best and only certain way of securing this will be through political unification. As history shows, unifying ideas can exert an effect across national boundaries. But, as history makes equally evident, that effect is a partial one and never wholly offsets the opportunities for conflict provided by the existence of separate sovereign political units.

The moral for Unesco is clear. The task laid upon it of promoting peace and security can never be wholly realised through the means assigned to it - education, science and culture. It must envisage some form of world political unity, whether through a single world government or otherwise, as the only certain means for avoiding war. However, world political unity is, unfortunately, a remote ideal, and in any case does not fall within the field of Unesco's competence. This does not mean that Unesco cannot do a great deal towards promoting peace and security. Specifically, in its educational programme it can stress the ultimate need for world political unity and familiarise all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization. But, more generally, it can do a great deal to lay the foundations on which world political unity can later be built. It can help the peoples of the world to mutual understanding and to a realisation of the common humanity and common tasks which they share, as opposed to the nationalisms which too often tend to isolate and separate them." - 13

"With all this Unesco must face the fact that nationalism is still the basis of the political structure of the world, and must be prepared for the possibility that the forces of disruption and conflict may score a temporary victory. But even if this should occur, Unesco must strain every nerve to give a demonstration of the benefits, spiritual as well as material, to be obtained through a common pool of tradition, and specifically by international co-operation in education, science, and culture, so that even should another war break out, Unesco may survive it, and in any case so that the world will not forget." - 14

"[The UNESCO constitution] draws the notable conclusion, never before embodied in an official document, that a peace "based exclusively upon the political and economic arrangements of governments" would be inadequate, since it could not "secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support of the peoples of the world," and that "the peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind." " - 5

"As we have seen earlier, the unifying of traditions in a single common pool of experience, awareness, and purpose is the necessary prerequisite for further major progress in human evolution. Accordingly, although political unification in some sort of world government will be required for the definitive attainment of this stage, unification in the things of the mind is not only also necessary but can pave the way for other types of unification. Thus in the past the great religions unified the thoughts and attitudes of large regions of the earth's surface; and in recent times science, both directly through its ideas and indirectly through its applications in shrinking the globe, has been a powerful factor in directing men's thoughts to the possibilities of, and the need for, full world unity.

Special attention should consequently be given by Unesco to the problem of constructing a unified pool of tradition for the human species as a whole. This, as indicated elsewhere, must include the unity-in-variety of the world's art and culture as well as the promotion of one single pool of scientific knowledge. But it must also eventually include a unified common outlook and a common set of purposes. This will be the latest part of the task of unifying the world mind; but Unesco must not neglect it while engaged on the easier jobs, like that of promoting a single pool of scientific knowledge and effort." - 17

UNESCO's Reach - Education

"Unesco - the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - is by its title committed to two sets of aims. In the first place, it is international, and must serve the ends and objects of the United Nations, which in the long perspective are world ends, ends for humanity as a whole. And secondly it must foster and promote all aspects of education, science, and culture, in the widest sense of those words." - 5

"It [education] is the process by means of which knowledge, skill, technique, understanding, ideas, emotional and spiritual attitudes, are transmitted from individual to individual and from generation to generation. It is also a major part of the process by which the latent potentialities of the individual are actualised and developed to their fullest extent. It includes the broad sense of adult education and self-education as well as the narrow sense of schooling and training. It is a special field with its own methods, an art which is in process of substituting a scientific basis for an empirical or an a priori one. But the scientific basis of education has not yet been fully explored, and what has already been discovered is neither widely enough known nor widely enough applied. Furthermore, it is a field which has never yet been adequately cultivated on the international level, and one whose international possibilities can still hardly be guessed at.

These things being so, it becomes clear that the approach of Unesco must adopt certain general principles concerning education - not only that it should equip the growing human being to earn a livelihood, not only that it should fit him to take his place as a member of the community and society into which he is born, but certain further principles, which have been lacking in many previous (and existing) systems of education.

First, that education can be and should be a permanent and continuing process; the mind is capable of growth throughout life, and provision must be made for assisting its growth - in other words for education - among adults of all ages and not only in children and young people.

Next, that education has a social as well as an individual function[...]

Thirdly, that scientific research is capable of improving the technique of education to a very large extent, and that accordingly Unesco must give every encouragement to research in this field, and to the full dissemination of its results.

Further, since the world to-day is in process of becoming one, and since a major aim of Unesco must be to help in the speedy and satisfactory realisation of this process, that Unesco must pay special attention to international education - to education as a function of a world society, in addition to its functions in relation to national societies, to regional or religious or intellectual groups, or to local communities." - 29
For more about UNESCO's application of education please read part 3 of this series entitled: Education for World Government.

UNESCO's Reach - Science and Culture

"Unesco by definition and title, must be concerned with Education, with Science, and with Culture; and under its constitution it is expressly charged to concern itself also with the spread of information through all media of Mass Communication - in other words, the press, the cinema, the radio and television.

We must now take these major subjects and see how they should be approached and treated by Unesco. But before doing so, one or two general points should be underlined. In the first place, it is obvious that Science is not to be taken in the narrow sense in which it is sometimes employed in the English-speaking countries, as denoting the Mathematical and the Natural Sciences only, but as broadly as possible, to cover all the primarily intellectual activities of man, the whole range of knowledge and learning. This, then, includes the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities - in the logical German terminology, Naturwissenschaft, Sozialwissenschaft, and Geisteswissenschaft. It thus runs from mathematics to theology, form physics to philosophy, and includes such subjects as history and sociology, archaeology and the study of classical literatures, as well as chemistry or bacteriology, geology or social psychology. And, as we shall see in a moment, Unesco must consider all the applications of knowledge as well as its pure pursuit.

The word Culture too is used broadly in our title. First of all it embraces creative art, including literature and architecture as well as music and the dance, painting and the other visual arts; and, once more, the applications of art, in the form of decoration, industrial design, certain aspects of town-planning and landscaping, and so forth. Then it can be used in the sense of cultivation of the mind - directed towards the development of its interests and faculties, acquaintance with the artistic and intellectual achievements both of our own and of past ages, some knowledge of history, some familiarity with ideas and the handling of ideas, a certain capacity for good judgment, critical sense, and independent thinking. In this sphere, we can speak of a high or a low level of culture in a community. And finally it can be employed in the broadest sense of all, the anthropological or sociological one, as denoting the entire material and mental apparatus characteristic of a particular society.

It is clear that Unesco must concern itself with the arts, as indispensable agencies both of individual and social expression, and for the full development and enrichment of personality. It must also concern itself with the level of culture in the second sense, since, cultural backwardness, like scientifical or educational backwardness, are a drag on the rest of the world and an obstacle to the progress that we desire." - 25
For more on the use of science and culture to manipulate society in a desired direction please read part 4 of this series entitled: Guiding Society Through Art and Science.

UNESCO's Reach - The Mass Media

"There are thus two tasks for the Mass Media division of Unesco, the one general, the other special. The special one is to enlist the press and the radio and the cinema to the fullest extent in the service of formal and adult education, of science and learning, of art and culture. The general one is to see that these agencies are used both to contribute to mutual comprehension between different nations and cultures, and also to promote the growth of a common outlook shared by all nations and cultures." - 60
For more on UNESCO's use of the mass media and other forms of communication on the public mind, please read the final article in this series entitled: The Mass Media Division of UNESCO.

[1] Quotes from Julian Huxley, UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy (1946). Preparatory Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. pdf from UNESCO.

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South America nations found union

May 23, 2008

The leaders of 12 South American nations have formed a regional body aimed at boosting economic and political integration in the region.

At a summit in Brazil, they signed a treaty which created the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).
Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said the move showed that South America was becoming a "global player".
But tensions between several members will make it difficult for the group to achieve its goals, observers say.
Mr Lula said at the summit in Brasilia that the differences between some Unasur governments were a sign of vitality in the region.
"The instability some want to see in our continent is a sign of life, especially political life," Mr Lula said.
"There's no democracy without people [protesting] in the streets," he added.
The treaty envisages that Unasur will have a revolving presidency and bi-annual meetings of foreign ministers.
Prior to the Brasilia summit, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez described the "empire" of the United States as Unasur's "number one enemy".
Mr Chavez is embroiled in a bitter diplomatic row with his Colombian counterpart Alvaro Uribe - a staunch US ally - over Colombian claims that Venezuela has been helping to finance the activities of the Colombian Farc rebels.
The Unasur members are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Government Green Lights Gulf Dollar Abandonment

Merrill Lynch report reveals U.S. Treasury ready to let dollar-pegged exchange policies be changed

Steve Watson
Monday, May 26, 2008

A report from Merrill Lynch & Co has revealed that the government has effectively given Gulf Arab oil producers the go ahead to change their dollar-pegged foreign exchange policies, a move some experts fear will lead to a large scale abandonment of the greenback.
In a report entitled "U.S. Green Light for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)", the U.S. investment bank said the United Arab Emirates and Qatar will probably move to a currency basket in the next few months, with their respective currencies appreciating 5 percent before the end of the year, reports Reuters.
This may spur a similar move by the Saudis some time next year.
Merrill Lynch referred to a report to Congress by the Treasury which states that the government believes the dollar is strong enough to thrive without Gulf support. Gulf countries have suffered record levels of inflation in tandem with the dollar's decline and soaring energy and food prices.
"The US Treasury's manipulation report has signaled a new phase of bringing the GCC currencies toward flexibility. We believe the addition of the GCC to the summary and expanded section in the report shows the US is comfortable with the US dollar effect of GCC forex regime change. We believe this gives an implicit US green light for change," the report said.

"The US Treasury specifically focuses on Saudi Arabia, and stresses that inflationary pressures have risen dramatically over the past two years. However, the report also notes that the real effective exchange rate continues to be relatively weak in Saudi Arabia, despite the rise in inflation. This suggests the Treasury thinks that inflationary pressures will likely persist in Saudi Arabia in the absence of an exchange rate adjustment," the report added.
Kuwait dropped its currency's peg to the dollar last May, but the other five Gulf Cooperation Council countries have all kept their links, citing the need to keep currencies fixed until they form a monetary union in 2010, and the limited inflationary impact of the weak dollar.
The six GCC states are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the U.A.E., Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
The dollar peg mandates Gulf nations to price their assets in U.S. dollars and follow U.S. monetary policy at a time when the Fed is cutting interest rates, a system that has produced a boom in oil revenues but led to high inflation as the dollar weakens.
Many economists have previously predicted that a decision on behalf of the Gulf states to abandon the dollar peg would have disastrous consequences for the greenback and the American economy.
Moves by the likes of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to diversify their foreign exchange holdings out of dollars would amount to a vote of "no confidence" in the dollar and may cause other countries with large dollar reserves, such as China and Japan, to follow suit and begin dumping the greenback en masse.
China has threatened repeatedly to use the "nuclear option" and liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries in response to continued pressure on the Communist state to force a yuan revaluation. According to a widely-read London Telegraph report, such an event "could trigger a dollar crash" and also "cause a spike in US bond yields, hammering the US housing market and perhaps tipping the economy into recession."
Runaway inflation would also ensue, making the cost of living unaffordable to even middle class Americans as food prices skyrocket and international aid organizations like the World Food Programme predict rationing and food riots.
The dollar has held firm against the Euro and recovered some losses against Sterling over the past few months, but it has still lost 12 per cent of its value against the trade-weighted index over the last two years and has plunged by a whopping 60 per cent against the Euro since Bush entered the White House.
For the government to portend that the dollar is in a strong enough position to survive as the world's currency without the backing of the oil rich Gulf nations, particularly with China also leaning towards abandonment, is patently ridiculous.
American's living standards are teetering on the brink of meltdown. As the pioneer of Reaganomics and former Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out, "US living standards, which have been stagnant for years, will plummet once dollar decline forces China off the dollar peg."
While experts outside of government and establishment media desperately warn of the danger of a "dollar crash," hyperinflation and financial chaos, the press are busy aping the government's ludicrous position in claiming that the dollar's continued plunge is not something Americans should be concerned about.
The new Treasury report mirrors the rhetoric of former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan who once again exposed himself as a traitor working against the interests of the American people in February this year by urging Gulf states to abandon the dollar peg.
The Treasury also seems to be following the advice of the globalist controlled IMF, who in October of last year bizarrely slammed the dollar as "overvalued" at the same time the greenback hit its all time low against the Euro.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lou Dobbs Drops the “NAFTA Superhighway” Ball

Kurt Nimmo
May 24, 2008

It’s too bad Lou Dobbs didn’t have his notes together when he was confronted recently by Paul Waldman of Media Matters for America, a “progressive,” read Democrat, organization (see video). Waldman described the NAFTA Superhighway as a “myth” and challenged Dobbs to provide evidence of its existence. Lou was unable to provide specific evidence, thus lending credence to Waldman’s assertion that the whole thing is a baseless conspiracy theory.
First, it should be noted that Media Matters is a Soros inspired if not funded organization, that is to say it operates as a shill for the globalist agenda. Media Matters, led by “conservative” turned “liberal” writer David Brock, doesn’t like to be called out on its association with billionaire financier, Bilderberg member, Trilateralist, and former director of the Council on Foreign Relations, George Soros.
“A Cybercast News Service examination of Brock’s financial records and public documents showed that the heavily funded Soros liberal think tank, The Center for American Progress, was instrumental in getting Brock’s media group off the ground…. Soros has reportedly given $3 million to CAP and its senior vice president, Morton H. Halperin, is also the director of Soros’s Open Society Institute.” Added John Carlisle, director of policy for the conservative National Legal and Policy Center, “Clearly MMA worked very closely with Soros-funded groups [including Soros “affiliates” like — strangely or not so strangely, funded by Laurance and Wendy Rockefeller — and the Center for American Progress]. There is definitely a Soros connection there.”
Joseph Wanzala characterizes Soros as “a latter day Rockefeller,” a title that fits well, as Soros sits on the World Economic Forum with many Rockefeller interests. “Soros’ Open Society Institute has a finger in every pot,” explains Heather Cottin. “Its board of directors reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of Cold War and New World Order pundits…. Soros is operating exactly within the confines of the intelligence complex,” that is to say he is funding and compromising so-called “liberals” through his organizations and NGOs, including Media Matters.
So it stands to reason Media Matters would be tasked with attempting to shut down Lou Dobbs on the globalist NAFTA Superhighway agenda. But even slick talking Paul Waldman cannot skirt the facts, specifically in regard to the NAFTA Superhighway, which he deems a “myth.”
“Directly stated, NAFTA Superhighway deniers either negligently overlook a large body of specific references by transportation economists, transportation trade associations and numerous government reports, or they intentionally disregard these references to make a political point,” writes Jerome R. Corsi.
Corsi points to a 1998 paper entitled “North American Free Trade Agreement Truck Highway Corridors: U.S.-Mexican Truck Rivers of Trade,” authored by John P. McCray. “By 2003, McCray’s analysis expanded to include a growing volume of World Trade Organization container freight coming from China, headed to enter the continent largely through U.S. ports on the West Coast and now increasingly through Mexican ports on the Pacific.”
As the Sierra Club wrote in 2000, the “concept of the ‘NAFTA trade corridor’ has gained traction. Broadly defined, the corridors comprise the transportation infrastructure and systems that facilitate the flow of traffic both domestically and across the North American borders, particularly those traffic flows prompted by the trade liberalization of NAFTA.” It should be noted that the Sierra Club has received money from the Ford Foundation — a fact admitted by the foundation in its annual reports — and the putative enviro organization was created in response to the “Earth Charter,” as dreamed up by David Rockefeller and Maurice Strong, the latter serving as the United Nations Environmental Program’s first director.
Thus it makes perfect sense the Sierra Club would describe the “NAFTA trade corridor” as “inherently dynamic” and as a “useful construct,” never mind the environmental impact.
In 1998, Corsi continues, the Federal Highway Administration produced a study “on the ‘I-35 Trade Corridor’ and involved five states directly along the highway (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota), plus the adjoining state of Missouri…. This FHWA study motivated by the stated logic that I-35 would carry a greater percentage of trade among the NAFTA partners than any other interstate highway, simply because of the central position I-35 occupies in the continent…. The published conclusion of this 1998 FHWA study did much to identify I-35 as the ‘NAFTA Superhighway.’”
In fact, by 1997, the term was so far advanced the “NAFTA Superhighway Coalition, a not-for-profit corporation organized to support NAFTA trade” was created. If Mr. Waldman doubts this organization’s existence or considers it just another John Bircher conspiracy theory, he may want to surf over the Coalition’s website. “The Coalition is committed to making the [Highway 401] a state of the art, high-speed, safe, clean, automated superhighway that ensures the smooth, fast transportation of goods between Canada and the U.S.,” in other words, a NAFTA Superhighway.

“Today, the professional transportation industry and government references to ‘NAFTA trade corridors’ and ‘NAFTA superhighways’ are too numerous to list,” explains Jerome Corsi. Organizations active in creating north-south continental NAFTA/WTO trade corridors include: The International Mobility and Trade Corridor Project, CANAMEX Corridor Coalition, Central North American Trade Corridor Association, Ports to Plains Trade Corridor, Champlain-Hudson Trade Corridor and Gateway Coalition, and the I-95 Corridor Coalition.
Add to this NASCO, North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition, “officially amalgamated” by the North American International Trade Corridor Partnership “to promote the development of a trade corridor designed to expedite the flow of trade through the North American Continent,” according to Henry Lamb. “NASCO is a not-for-profit lobbying organization that has received $2.5 million in Congressional earmarks from the Department of Transportation to promote the corridor concept. Their 24-member board of directors includes county commissioners from four Texas Counties; an Oklahoma state senator, and a member of OK-DOT; two officials from the Texas DOT; attorneys, a couple of construction company officials, and an official of the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.”
All of this “fits nicely into the vision of the Council on Foreign Relations’ [May 2005] report: Building a North American Community, which advocates ‘unlimited access to each other’s territory’ (page 47), including allowing Mexican or Canadian companies to freely enter the U.S. to compete with U.S. trucking companies, hauling freight between U.S. cities.” As Corsi notes, this report “has been described as a blueprint for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.”
But then, of course, for Soros funded “liberals,” the idea that the Council on Foreign Relations is anything but a harmless confab of rich people and business leaders getting together to chew the fat is another conspiracy theory.
“Perhaps the NAFTA Superhighway deniers have simply taken a page from Bill Clinton’s playbook,” Corsi concludes. “Clinton’s most memorable sentence in eight years as president involved denying he had sex with his White House intern, an argument he buttressed by insisting that the question depended upon ‘what the meaning of “is” is.’”
It really is too bad Lou Dobbs was not prepared to argue logically with Paul Waldman of Media Matters for America — or maybe that should be Media Matters for the North American Union.

War Abroad, Poverty at Home

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The US Senate has voted $165 billion to fund Bush’s wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq through next spring.
As the US is broke and deep in debt, every one of the $165 billion dollars will have to be borrowed. American consumers are also broke and deep in debt. Their zero saving rate means every one of the $165 billion dollars will have to be borrowed from foreigners.
The “world’s only superpower” is so broke it can’t even finance its own wars.
Each additional dollar that the irresponsible Bush Regime has to solicit from foreigners puts more downward pressure on the dollar’s value. During the eight wasted and extravagant years of the Bush Regime, the once mighty US dollar has lost about 60% of its value against the euro.
The dollar has lost even more of its value against gold and oil.
(Article continues below)

Before Bush began his wars of aggression, oil was $25 a barrel. Today it is $130 a barrel. Some of this rise may result from run-away speculation in the futures market. However, the main cause is the eroding value of the dollar. Oil is real, and unlike paper dollars is limited in supply. With US massive trade and budget deficits, the outpouring of dollar obligations mounts, thus driving down the value of the dollar.
Each time the dollar price of oil rises, the US trade deficit rises, requiring more foreign financing of US energy use. Bush has managed to drive the US oil import bill up from $106 billion in 2006 to approximately $500 billion 18 months later--every dollar of which has to be financed by foreigners.
Without foreign money, the US “superpower” cannot finance its imports or its government’s operation.
When the oil price rises, Americans, who are increasingly poor, cannot pay their winter heating bills. Thus, the Senate’s military spending bill contains more heating subsidies for America’s growing legion of poor people.
The rising price of energy drives up the price of producing and transporting all goods, but American incomes are not rising except for the extremely rich.
The disappearing value of the US dollar, which pushes up oil prices and raises the trade deficit, then pushes up heating subsidies and raises the budget deficit.
If oil was the reason Bush invaded Iraq, the plan obviously backfired. Oil not merely doubled or tripled in price but quintupled.
America’s political leaders either have no awareness that Bush’s wars are destroying our country’s economic position and permanently lowering the living standards of Americans or they do not care. McCain says he can win the war in Iraq in five more years and in the meantime “challenge” Russia and China. Hillary says she will “obliterate” Iran. Obama can’t make up his mind if he is for war or against it.
The Bush Regime’s inability to pay the bills it is piling up for Americans means that future US governments will cut promised benefits and further impoverish the people. Over a year ago The Nation reported that the Bush Regime is shedding veteran costs by attributing consequences of serious war wounds to “personality disorders” in order to deny soldiers promised benefits.
Previous presidents reduced promised Social Security benefits by taxing the benefits (a tax on a tax) and by rigging the cost of living adjustment to understate inflation. Future presidents will have to seize private pensions in order to make minimal Social Security payments.
Currently the desperate Bush Regime is trying to cut Medicaid health care for the poor and disabled.
The Republican Party is willing to fund war, but sees everything else as an extravagance. The neoconized war party is destroying the economic prospects of American citizens. Is “war abroad and poverty at home” the Republican campaign slogan for the November election?

VIDEO: Chemical Dumbing Down of America

Why is America so brainwashed by the corporate media? Why do we care more about American Idol and sports games than being poisoned with mercury in our vaccinations and sodium fluoride in our water supply? America needs to wake up and get the facts about our chemical manipulation before it's too late.

Music: Pink Floyd - Sheep/Us and Them

A New World Energy Order

May 23, 2008

PARIS (AP) — A top global energy monitor says there are new worries that the soaring demand for oil will outstrip supply and it is now preparing a landmark revision of its supply forecast.
The chief economist at the International Energy Agency says experts are studying depletion rates at about 400 oil fields in its first-ever study of world oil supply.
Fatih Birol said Thursday the study was prompted by soaring oil prices and concerns about new investment. He says growing demand in China and India is leading to a "new world energy order."
Market analysts call the Paris-based IEA the world's most reliable independent source of oil information.
Oil prices hit an all-time high above $135 a barrel Thursday.

PNAC Think Tank Web Site Shut Down

Lee Rogers
Intel Strike
Friday, May 23, 2008

The web site of the neoconservative based Project for a New American Century think tank has been taken down. The think tank in their own documents advocated the virtues of using the U.S. military as a global police force. They also endorsed preemptive war as a way to shape the world and even lobbied to get Bill Clinton to invade Iraq back in 1998.
Contributors and signatories associated with the think tank included several high profile figures in George W. Bush’s administration including Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, Richard Armitage and Richard Perle. Documents originating from this think tank have been the subject of a great deal of criticism by the 9/11 truth and anti-war movements. It now looks as if the neoconservatives whose agenda has been faltering as of late have decided to pull the plug on the web site for the purposes of damage control. If not, than somebody forgot to pay their Internet provider. We’ll let you be the judge of which is the more likely scenario.
In 2000, the think tank released a 90 page document entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses. In the document, the think tank actually advocates a catastrophic and catalyzing Pearl Harbor event in order to seek faster global transformation using U.S. military might. In addition, one of the core missions outlined in the report is “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars.” What luck for the neoconservatives that a catastrophic and catalyzing event occurred on September 11th, 2001 that made one of their core missions in their report become a reality.

The following quote is taken direct from the document advocating a catastrophic and catalyzing event to further their agenda of global transformation. The 9/11 truth movement has pointed to this quote as additional evidence that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by criminal elements within the U.S. government. Considering that many of the think tank’s signatories were in high level positions in the Bush administration during the 9/11 attacks and the think tank believed that such an attack was in order, the neoconservatives certainly had a motive to pull off this false flag terror attack. After all, their entire agenda was fulfilled as a result of the 9/11 attacks.
“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”
Not only did it foreshadow the 9/11 attacks but the document is widely viewed as the neoconservative blueprint for the U.S. military in the 21st century. Looking at the document 8 years after it was published, it is clear that much of what was suggested in the document has in fact been implemented. We now have military bases all over the Middle East; there’s been a massive increase in military spending, increased militarization of space and billions of dollars spent on new cyber warfare initiatives.
It is pretty obvious why they would decide to take down the official web site for the think tank. The Rebuilding America’s Defenses document must be incredibly embarrassing for them and there’s little doubt that it has served as a public relations nightmare for the neoconservatives. When examining the 9/11 attacks, it is necessary to look at who had the most to gain. Clearly, the neoconservatives who came into power with the Bush administration back in 2001 had the most to gain and this particular document proves it. The neoconservatives are nothing more than war mongering, anti-American, big government terrorists that have brought ruin to this country. Either way, the removal of their web site looks to be an indication that their agenda is being discredited on a massive scale.

Bilderberg Luminary To Select Obama's Running Mate

James A. Johnson (center): Ultra-elitist Bilderberg luminary and corporate capo who will select the potential future U.S. President.

Fannie Mae CEO James A. Johnson was also behind 2004 Edwards pick after Bilderberg signaled approval

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 23, 2008

It has been announced that Bilderberg luminary and top corporate elitist James A. Johnson will select Democratic candidate Barack Obama's running mate for the 2008 election and in turn potentially act as kingmaker for America's future President.
Johnson also selected John Kerry's running mate John Edwards in 2004 after Edwards had impressed Bilderberg elitists Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller with a speech he gave at the globalist confab in Italy that year.
The news further puts to rest any delusions that Bilderberg is a mere talking shop where no decisions are made. In reality, the group is shaping some of the primary developments in the domestic and geopolitical arena today, particularly in the context of oil prices which continue to accelerate towards Bilderberg's target of $200 dollars a barrel.

It also ridicules once again any notion that an Obama presidency would bring "change" to the status quo of America being ruled by an unelected corporate and military-industrial complex elite.
"Former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson has been asked by Senator Barack Obama on Thursday to start the search for a viable Vice Presidential candidate," reports Trans World News.
"Johnson and Obama are starting the top-secret search as Obama edges closer to the Democratic nomination. Johnson did the same job for Democratic nominees John Kerry in 2004 and Walter Mondale in 1984."
The report lists Johnson as a member of "American Friends of Bilderberg," which is an offshoot Bilderberg front group that has accepted donations from the Ford Foundation to fund Bilderberg meetings where lavish hotels are entirely booked up for three days, by no means an inexpensive feat. The organization is basically a steering committee for the Bilderberg Group - a secretarial outpost through which Bilderberg conferences are organized.
Johnson has also directly attended Bilderberg meetings therefore can be classed as a Bilderberg luminary. He attended last year's meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.
Johnson is also "A vice chairman of the private banking firm Perseus LLC, a position he has held since 2001. He is also a board member at Goldman Sachs, Gannett Company, Inc., a media holding group, KB Home, a home construction firm, Target Corporation, Temple-Inland, and UnitedHealth Group."
Predictably, he is also also a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

This would be the second presidential race running that the Bilderberg Group has been instrumental in helping to select the running mate for the Democratic candidate.
In 2004 it was reported that John Edwards' performance at the Bilderberg conference in Italy was a key factor in his selection as John Kerry's number two. Bilderberg attendees even broke house rules to applaud Edwards at the end of a speech he gave to the elitists about American politics.
Despite the fact that Edwards was in hot competition against around two dozen other serious contenders for the number two spot, Bilderberg's approval of his policies after his impressive display swung the decision. Johnson himself selected Edwards in a last minute change of decision after it appeared as though Dick Gephardt was going to secure the position. The New York Post even reported that Gephardt had been chosen and "Kerry-Gephardt" stickers were being placed on campaign vehicles before being removed when Edwards was announced as Kerry's number two.
Kerry went on to lose the election to his fellow Skull and Bones member George W. Bush, but with Obama enjoying an 8 point lead over Republican candidate John McCain, this year's running mate decision is all the more important, with the individual selected likely to have a shot at becoming President in 2012.
Bilderberg has a proven history of acting in a kingmaker capacity. Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended Bilderberg meetings in the early 90's before becoming President and Prime Minister respectively.

Friday, May 23, 2008

VIDEO: 9/11 Truth: The Put Options

This past weekend at the NE 9/11 Truth Symposium, Kyle Hence elaborated on the put options that were purchased prior to 9/11. I recommended to the audience to watch "In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories Of The 9/11 Families" because there was a good clip about the put options in it. This is that clip. 9/11 Family Members Lorie Van Auken, Monica Gabrielle, Bob McIlvaine, Mindy Kleinberg, and Patty Casazza make an appearance.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


FBI Solicits Informants To Spy On RNC Protest Groups

Matt Snyders
City Pages
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paul Carroll was riding his bike when his cell phone vibrated.
Once he arrived home from the Hennepin County Courthouse, where he’d been served a gross misdemeanor for spray-painting the interior of a campus elevator, the lanky, wavy-haired University of Minnesota sophomore flipped open his phone and checked his messages. He was greeted by a voice he recognized immediately. It belonged to U of M Police Sgt. Erik Swanson, the officer to whom Carroll had turned himself in just three weeks earlier. When Carroll called back, Swanson asked him to meet at a coffee shop later that day, going on to assure a wary Carroll that he wasn’t in trouble.
Carroll, who requested that his real name not be used, showed up early and waited anxiously for Swanson’s arrival. Ten minutes later, he says, a casually dressed Swanson showed up, flanked by a woman whom he introduced as FBI Special Agent Maureen E. Mazzola. For the next 20 minutes, Mazzola would do most of the talking.
“She told me that I had the perfect ‘look,’” recalls Carroll. “And that I had the perfect personality—they kept saying I was friendly and personable—for what they were looking for.”

What they were looking for, Carroll says, was an informant—someone to show up at “vegan potlucks” throughout the Twin Cities and rub shoulders with RNC protestors, schmoozing his way into their inner circles, then reporting back to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a partnership between multiple federal agencies and state and local law enforcement. The effort’s primary mission, according to the Minneapolis division’s website, is to “investigate terrorist acts carried out by groups or organizations which fall within the definition of terrorist groups as set forth in the current United States Attorney General Guidelines.”
Carroll would be compensated for his efforts, but only if his involvement yielded an arrest. No exact dollar figure was offered.
“I’ll pass,” said Carroll.
For 10 more minutes, Mazzola and Swanson tried to sway him. He remained obstinate.
“Well, if you change your mind, call this number,” said Mazzola, handing him her card with her cell phone number scribbled on the back.
(Mazzola, Swanson, and the FBI did not return numerous calls seeking comment.)
Carroll’s story echoes a familiar theme. During the lead-up the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, the NYPD’s Intelligence Division infiltrated and spied on protest groups across the country, as well as in Canada and Europe. The program’s scope extended to explicitly nonviolent groups, including street theater troupes and church organizations.
There were also two reported instances of police officers, dressed as protestors, purposefully instigating clashes. At the 2004 Republican National Convention, the NYPD orchestrated a fake arrest to incite protestors. When a blond man was “arrested,” nearby protestors began shouting, “Let him go!” The helmeted police proceeded to push back against the crowd with batons and arrested at least two. In a similar instance, during an April 29, 2005, Critical Mass bike ride in New York, video footage captured a “protestor”—in reality an undercover cop—telling his captor, “I’m on the job,” and being subsequently let go.
Minneapolis’s own recent Critical Mass skirmish was allegedly initiated by two unidentified stragglers in hoods—one wearing a handkerchief over his or her face—who “began to make aggressive moves” near the back of the pack. During that humid August 31 evening, officers went on to arrest 19 cyclists while unleashing pepper spray into the faces of bystanders. The hooded duo was never apprehended.
In the scuffle’s wake, conspiracy theories swirled that the unprecedented surveillance—squad cars from multiple agencies and a helicopter hovering overhead—was due to the presence of RNC protesters in the ride. The MPD publicly denied this. But during the trial of cyclist Gus Ganley, MPD Sgt. David Stichter testified that a task force had been created to monitor the August 31 ride and that the department knew that members of an RNC protest group would be along for the ride.
“This is all part of a larger government effort to quell political dissent,” says Jordan Kushner, an attorney who represented Ganley and other Critical Mass arrestees. “The Joint Terrorism Task Force is another example of using the buzzword ‘terrorism’ as a basis to clamp down on people’s freedoms and push forward a more authoritarian government.”

Senate Committee Approves Illegal Alien Amnesty Amendment to Iraq War Funding Bill

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Because the House of Representatives unexpectedly delayed the Iraq supplemental spending bill late Thursday, the full Senate won't be allowed today to vote on the amnesty bill that the Senate Appropriations Committee unexpectedly took up and approved Thursday.
It now looks like the full Senate won't be allowed to act on the amnesty measure for around 1.3 million illegal alien agricultural workers (plus their families) until Tuesday at the earliest.
Particularly interesting is the claim by some Senators that we will fail to harvest crops and feed the world this year without an amnesty for illegal aliens. They made the same claim in each of the last four years. Each time that we beat back the amnesty, the harvests still happened! How many times do Feinstein and other alarmists have to cry wolf (or rotting crops) before people stop paying attention?

We beat them last year because the American people focused for a few weeks reminded their Senators that the citizens of this republic are still the boss.
Please do everything you can to enlist a small army in your community to fight this.
Click here - to take action on this matter.

Ron Paul Revolution Not Over

Catherine Mullins
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Presidential primary candidate Dr. Ron Paul may no longer have a chance to win the Republican nomination, but his campaign has brought fresh vigor to the freedom movement.
Follow this link to the original source: " What's next for the Ron Paul revolution?" -
In an article entitled “What’s next for the Ron Paul Revolution,” John Dillin of the Christian Science Monitor asks what is planned for Ron Paul, his supporters, and all the money raised now that there is no way for the Congressman to win the Republican ticket. The answer? Quite a bit it seems.
The only certainty is that Dr. Paul will not be the Republican nominee. Despite being the most watched candidate on YouTube, having the most Meet-ups around the country, and raising huge amounts of money in record time (not to mention all the unique and creative methods of promotion, such as dropping tea in crates labeled, FEMA, NAFTA, and IRS into a river on the anniversary of the Boston Tea-Party in his name), Dr. Paul is not going to be on the Republican ballot this fall.

In a sense however, that doesn’t matter. Will America suffer for not having him as president or his ideas put into place from the top down? Yes. But perhaps Ron Paul’s campaign has already done something for America even more important than getting a great leader elected president, and will continue to do something for years to come.
The Ron Paul phenomenon has been called a revolution, and in the sense that the word means “a turning” perhaps that is correct. With war having been started without Congressional consent once again, and a candidate for president who in essence says he wants to abolish the Second Amendment, America is distancing herself further and further from her Constitution. A revolution — in thought — is needed, not to bring in the so-called ideals of communism or to start a bloody war, but to reestablish and reassert the Constitutional boundaries and checks and balances that keep government in check, and to do so in a peaceful and legal way.

There isn’t anything that is new in the message spread by the Ron Paul campaign. The John Birch Society and other organizations have successfully spread messages similar to those of Ron Paul for decades. During that time, however, the liberal media’s censorship and smear campaigns have blocked the message for many.
That has changed, now, as the Ron Paul campaign has demonstrated. With the threat of an endless war, a worthless dollar, and a morally bankrupt society, many Americans have begun to seek a more thorough understanding of the trends that brought America to this point in history. The introduction of a candidate for office who speaks truth about why these problems have arisen and how to fix them, with the addition of a medium through which people can spread video, written, and verbal messages freely (the internet) without interference from the controlling liberals and neocons and you have the recipe for a movement to take America back.

In fact, among many Paul supporters, there is a new hope and a new passion for participation in the American political system. The success of the Paul campaign has made people believe that despite conspiracy, despite war, and despite troubling economic indicators, it is possible to lead our country back to its Constitutional roots. And it has demonstrated that there is a large group of like minded people determined to see that happen.
As far as what happens after the election, the Christian Science Monitor mentioned the possibility of forming an “umbrella group” (Wouldn’t that be the John Birch Society?), and that change is already taking place in the GOP forums where members of the Ron Paul “revolution” are striving to advance the cause of freedom.
“It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless, monotony, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men,” Samuel Adams once said. If we work to encourage our Congressmen and Senators to adopt Ron Paul’s pro-freedom outlook, and if we inform our friends and relatives about the crisis that is at hand, pray for our country and continue to join pro-Constitutional groups like the John Birch Society, then the Ron Paul revolution is not over, it has just begun.

Ventura Attacks Media for Criticizing Free Speech

Kurt Nimmo
May 20, 2008

Attacked for simply asking questions

On the Alex Jones Show today, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura complained right out of the gate about the fact the corporate media consistently attempts to squelch any questioning of the government. "I can’t believe how I simply asked some questions and the way you’re attacked… for simply asking questions… has our country become that, that you’re not even publicly allowed to question the government?"
Alex responded by stating that the government and its corporate media lapdog — alternately an attack dog when celebrities such as Ventura dare step outside established parameters — are disturbed by the fact Alex’s show is an increasingly popular venue for the likes of Charlie Sheen, Willie Nelson, Ventura, and a host of others unable to ask questions and get a fair hearing in the corporate media arena.
Ventura admitted that he did not want to "believe the worst" about 9/11 and wanted to accept the official fairy tale version, but after Bush and the neocons invaded Iraq, when the government claimed al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan, he sincerely began to ask questions and confront the lies perpetuated by the government and the corporate media.

Appearance on Hannity and Colmes

On April 2, in an appearance of Alex’s show, Ventura admitted that watching the documentary Loose Change, at the insistence of his son, changed his mind about the official fairy tale version of events. "When I finally did watch it I went through every emotion you could imagine, from laughing, crying, getting sick to my stomach, to the whole emotional thing," Jesse said. "To me questions haven’t been answered and are not being answered about 9/11," including pertinent questions about Building 7. "Two planes struck two buildings….but how is it that a third building fell 5 hours later?" asked Ventura, "How could this building just implode into its own footprint 5 hours later — that’s my first question — the 9/11 Commission didn’t even devote one page to that in their big volume of investigation."
For his honesty and distrust of the government, Ventura was roundly criticized by the corporate media in the days following his appearance on the Jones’ show, culminating in a visit with Hannity and Colmes on April 8. Initially an appearance to publicize his latest book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, Jesse wasted little questioning the preposterous official version, specifically the absurdity of kerosene fires bringing down the towers, after ill-advised prompting by Hannity.
As Alex noted, in this appearance on Hannity and Colmes Ventura had "trounced" Sean Hannity "from a position of strength" and "knowledge" after Hannity attempted to claim Fox does not stage manage the news, using as an example the remarkably insignificant extended coverage of the drug overdose of Anna Nicole Smith while other, far more important news was systematically ignored. Ventura’s performance, Alex declared, has become a "textbook example" of how to deal with a media determined to gloss over and ignore important issues at the behest of government and entrenched corporate interests.

Government lies

"In looking back on my 56 years on the planet, " Jesse told Alex during his most recent appearance, "the government has lied to me a great deal and they don’t have great credibility with me, so why wouldn’t I question them when they tell me something?" Alex agreed, stating that the government has been caught repeatedly telling lies, specifically in regard to Building 7 and numerous instances of fire fighters reporting explosions in the buildings. Ventura mentioned his three years of service with the Navy Underwater Demolition Team 12 and his training and hands-on knowledge of explosives and demolition, specializing in "blowing things up," and "from a professional standpoint and watching how these buildings fell, it sure looks like demolition to me and I believe I have an eye for it… especially Building Number 7."

William Rodriquez: A hero’s hero

"One of the most interesting interviews I have seen now has been William Rodriquez," Ventura said. "When I watched a DVD of William Rodriquez, this guy is totally talking from what he what he remembers, you can clearly see it, he is not making anything up… he’s a hero’s hero, there’s no doubt about… and when you hear him talk and he tells about what he knows, how can you not question what went on that day?"
But even with the honesty of a man of Rodriquez’s caliber, the public is unwilling to ask questions, Jesse admitted with bemusement. "I think people have this hidden, almost screen around them in many ways that because they don’t want to believe that it could be true, they just put that screen up and won’t allow anything to penetrate it to the effect that it might be true."

Stand up to government

Regardless of a public either unconcerned with the lies of government or unable to ask important questions, Jesse stated that he believes it is his duty to stand up to the federal government because centralized and entrenched power will always attempt to violate not only the rights of the states but individuals, from medicinal marijuana to dignity in death.
In order to realize these rights and put an end to a predatory central government, we must "have a revolution and take our country back." Ventura told Alex the reason he wrote his last book was specifically for this reason, as a "message and wake-up call," to wake-up the country and tell citizens that the "two party system is corrupt" and "you have to change the system to change the government," otherwise we may very well lose the republic. "That’s what Thomas Jefferson warned about, that’s what John Adams warned about, that political parties would eventually strangle the republic because decisions would be made on behalf of the political parties."

AUDIO: Jesse Ventura on the Howard Stern Show

Jesse Ventura schools Howard Stern on why 9/11 had to be an inside job. Listen to the interview right here:

9/11 Was An Inside Insurance Job

Kurt Nimmo
May 21, 2008

Howard Stern was incredulous. “It was an insurance job?” he asked when Jesse Ventura postulated that the WTC buildings were brought down because WTC 1 and 2 were “white elephants,” that is to say the cost of the buildings exceeded their usefulness. “They were losing money, they had asbestos in them, and they were required by law to do over a billion dollars worth of asbestos removal.”
“It was an insurance job?” asked Stern.
Ventura continued. Larry Silverstein had insured the buildings against terrorist attacks for $7 billion dollars, “of which he settled for four.” Again, Stern and crew were incredulous, although Stern said he would have to read Ventura’s book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me. Jesse urged him to do so.
It may have been a near perfect crime, at least in the beginning, so perfect Allianz Group, the company that carried a significant portion of the insurance coverage on the WTC, didn’t put two and two together. However, one company stockholder, publisher John Leonard, did put two and two together, suggesting demolition. Allianz, however, would have nothing of it, as the insurer relied on the official 9/11 fairy tale as an explanation. It apparently did not occur to the German company that Silverstein had over-insured the buildings.
“The WTC catastrophe was doubtless one of the biggest insurance incidents in history. A significant portion of the multi-billion dollar loss is expected to be borne by Allianz,” Leonard wrote in a letter to shareholders. “Numerous observers and researchers find the WTC case very suspicious.” Noting that a staggering 49.3% of respondents to a survey conducted in New York City “agreed that ’some of our leaders knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act,’” Leonard was taken aback that Allianz had not “asked whether perhaps the US Government instead of the insurers is responsible for the damages, or whether the possibility of insurance fraud has been investigated.”

Allianz eventually balked at paying out and in stepped Brooklyn-Queens Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, who threatened to punish the insurer with fines or operating restrictions if they did not cough up the cash.
“Silverstein is determined to rake in every last penny possible from 9/11 and has already secured billions from other insurers without a blink of an eye over the fact that he leased the property just six weeks before the attacks and has since been caught in an admission that he ordered at least one of the buildings, WTC 7, ‘pulled’ on 9/11,” writes Steve Watson. It is indeed strange, Watson notes, that any “building that was not owned by Silverstein Properties that day strangely remained upright, despite being a lot closer to the two towers that collapsed onto them,” leading no shortage of people to smell something rotten in Brooklyn – or rather on Manhattan.
Considering the amount of insurance fraud, corruption, and rampant malfeasance in the corporate world, the possibility that Silverstein was involved in a plot to bring down the buildings — as they were excessively expensive “white elephants,” as Ventura notes – it is a possibility that cannot be discounted out of hand, although Howard Stern and his crew, like millions of other gullible Americans, are incapable of believing ruthless business interests would do such a thing.
Of course, insurance fraud alone cannot explain the events of September 11, 2001. In fact, such an event would be impossible without the complicity of government and — as Ventura recently stated on the Alex Jones Show — the government had reason enough to plan and orchestrate such an event, from scheming a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to providing an excuse to erect a military police state at home.
Unfortunately, far too many people naively believe the government — and for that matter, ruthless business interests — would not do such a thing, and that includes Howard Stern.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The War On Terror Does Not Apply To Mexico

Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
May 20, 2008

The southern United States border with Mexico is starting to resemble a combat zone. The U.S. State Department recently issued an alert, stating that the equivalent of military small-unit combat is taking place around the border. There has also been a recent report of four American citizens being executed in this area. This is more proof that the global war on terror is a complete fraud and the current administration has no desire to protect this nation’s borders or the American people. The administration would prefer to have our military in over a hundred countries claiming that they are spreading freedom and democracy than have a military presence along the southern U.S. border to ensure this sort of activity doesn’t spill over into the U.S.. If the global war on terror were actually real, the borders to this nation would be sealed, but instead we see combat along the Mexican border, hordes of illegal aliens filtering into the U.S. and border agents prosecuted for shooting at drug traffickers illegally entering the U.S.. The current activity along the U.S.-Mexico border is cause for concern and a real threat to this nation’s security yet there is no action from George W. Bush. Bush should be impeached immediately for failing to adequately protect the American people from this serious threat and for the misallocation of U.S. military resources while death squads are roaming around the U.S.-Mexico border.
Below is part of a statement from the U.S. State Department in regards to what is happening along the southern U.S. border with Mexico.
Violent criminal activity fueled by a war between criminal organizations struggling for control of the lucrative narcotics trade continues along the U.S.-Mexico border. Attacks are aimed primarily at members of drug trafficking organizations, Mexican police forces, criminal justice officials, and journalists. However, foreign visitors and residents, including Americans, have been among the victims of homicides and kidnappings in the border region. In its effort to combat violence, the government of Mexico has deployed military troops in various parts of the country. U.S. citizens are urged to cooperate with official checkpoints when traveling on Mexican highways.

Recent Mexican army and police force conflicts with heavily-armed narcotics cartels have escalated to levels equivalent to military small-unit combat and have included use of machine guns and fragmentation grenades. Confrontations have taken place in numerous towns and cities in northern Mexico, including Tijuana in the Mexican state of Baja California, and Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juarez in the state of Chihuahua. The situation in northern Mexico remains very fluid; the location and timing of future armed engagements there cannot be predicted.
Armed robberies and carjackings, apparently unconnected to the narcotics-related violence, have increased in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. Dozens of U.S. citizens were kidnapped and/or murdered in Tijuana in 2007. Public shootouts have occurred during daylight hours near shopping areas.
Criminals are armed with a wide array of sophisticated weapons. In some cases, assailants have worn full or partial police or military uniforms and have used vehicles that resemble police vehicles.
The real reason for Bush not doing anything tangible to resolve the problems on the border is because the establishment seeks the destruction of national borders in favor of regional governments ruled by nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations. Free trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA and others along with the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the Inter-American Democratic Charter are serving as a framework for a regional government much along the lines of the European Union. In fact a North American Union or a Pan American Union for all intents and purposes is already here but it is just a matter of them formulating the plans behind the scenes in preparation for a public announcement.
The only true purpose of the U.S. military is to protect and defend this country. Bush is using the U.S. military for the benefit of the military industrial complex and the international banking cartel using the war on terror fraud as an excuse for perpetual war. He has proven himself a traitor by using the U.S. military for the benefit of private interests instead of the American people. Perpetual war means perpetual profits for these private interests. With militarized small-unit combat taking place along the southern U.S. border with Mexico, a common sense approach would be to establish a military presence until the activity subsides. Another common sense approach would be to decriminalize drugs which would serve as a means to put the drug cartels out of business. Free market competition in the drug market would eliminate the drug cartels and all of the violence that comes with it. Of course, Bush is not going to do either of those things because the U.S. government benefits and profits off of the drug trade. By making drugs illegal, the U.S. government profits by facilitating the shipment of drugs into the U.S. with artificially high prices. This also allows them to put more people in privately run prisons for drug offenses.
What additional proof is needed to see that the war on terror is a complete fraud? The U.S. State Department is warning of militarized combat along the U.S.-Mexico border and we have policies encouraging illegal immigration but instead the government and the media tells us that we have to be afraid of Al-Qaeda on the other side of the world while there is a clear and present danger right in our own backyard. A declaration of war against Mexico actually makes more sense than the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan considering what’s taking place around the U.S.-Mexico border. Don’t count on anything being done about it though with corrupt traitors running the show in Washington DC.

The NAU Nightmare: Mexico’s Border Violence and the Security and Prosperity Partnership

Christopher S. Bentley
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A U.S. State Department alert, listed as “current as of today, Tue May 20 09:15:37 2008,” warns Americans that “foreign visitors and residents, including Americans, have been among the victims of homicides and kidnappings in the border region…. Armed robberies and carjackings, apparently unconnected to the narcotics-related violence, have increased in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. Dozens of U.S. citizens were kidnapped and/or murdered in Tijuana in 2007.”
Follow this link to the original source: "Travel Alert"
Lou Dobbs reported yesterday on still more gangland-style executions along the border, one of them an American.
Because of the recent surge in violence, Newsweek interviewed “Roberto” (not his real name), an American living in San Diego, to recount his story while he was visiting family in Tijuana in the summer of 2005. “[A] group of approximately 20 masked [and armed] men burst in suddenly” in the home, claiming to be Mexican police. Grabbing “Roberto as well as another family member and a close friend,” they were blindfolded, tied up and thrown into a car, which sped away:
Later that day the kidnappers called his oldest daughter to demand payment using a number they had retrieved from Roberto's cell phone. For the following two weeks Roberto … was hogtied, left on a concrete floor and victimized by “constant” beatings…. His captors fed him three tortillas the entire time, and gave him very little water. They separated him from his fellow abductees; he wasn't sure where they were being held.
(Article continues below)

Roberto’s kidnappers broke three of his ribs and sliced off the tip of his tongue. He was let go after his family paid an undisclosed ransom, but Roberto’s relative has not turned up and is believed to be dead.
For those who comfort themselves with platitudes like, “thank goodness those kinds of things only happen over there,” Newsweek reports that “kidnappers have begun to seize their victims inside the U.S. and take them to Mexico.”
As kidnappings and other violent crimes rage along the border, even in such places as far from the border as Green Bay, Wisconsin, local news broadcasts increasingly report crimes committed by Mexican gangs. In Green Bay, local ABC affiliate WBAY reported on May 16: “southern Mexican gangs prevalent on the city's northeast side” are being arrested for various crimes against property. The reported identified "two separate gangs called SUR 13 and LMS," and noted that local detectives fear gang activity could escalate.
While Americans are becoming reluctant to travel across the border (tourism dropped in Tijuana by 50 percent in 2007), Mexican police are opting for new work — or new places to live — and in droves.
The Dallas Morning News recently reported: “Faced with cartel-sponsored assassinations that have claimed the lives of more than 25 officers since the start of May — including that of Edgar Millán Gómez, head of the federal police — and threats of further retaliation, some Mexican police are quitting their posts.”
Things have gotten so bad that last week three Mexican police chiefs sought asylum in the U.S. because they fear for their lives. One of the police chiefs, from “Puerto Palomas, a town bordering Columbus, N.M., west of El Paso, requested asylum in March when his entire force quit after receiving death threats from drug traffickers, reports show. Seven men were killed gangland-style in Palomas early Sunday in attacks attributed to local smugglers.”
The police chief of Ciudad Juarez, which is directly across the border from El Paso, Texas, was gunned down in a hail of 60 bullets as he arrived at his house. Also, a Federal Preventative Police official named Edgar Millan was also gunned down a couple of weeks ago in Mexico City.
The drug kingpin who allegedly ordered the hit, escaped during a police raid, but left behind were nine of his bodyguards who allegedly “had recently defected from the Mexican army.”
All of this violence, as we’re told by the mainstream media, is supposedly stemming from the Mexican government’s crack-down on the drug cartels.
Oh that it were so simple.
As author and journalist Charles Bowden commented in his gripping and well-documented book Down by the River, when the illicit drug industry began in Mexico, “[t]here [was] never a war between the drug business and government in Mexico. [There were] simply moments of friction caused by either the state’s desire to assert its power or by the governments’ need to mollify the United States. It resolve[d] conflict with a hard hand.”
Gradually, the political “hard hand” changed and extended outward to a gesture of economic partnership. On June 11, 1993, a lawyer named Luis Javier Garrido published an article, entitled “the Narco System,” in a major Mexico City paper called La Jornada, detailing how former Mexican president Miguel de la Madrid made a bargain with the drug cartels in the 1980s to shore up the country de la Madrid himself had led to economic ruin. Garrido concluded the article, stating:
The production and sale of narcotics has been, as we know and as many studies have shown, a ‘lifesaver’ for the Mexican economy. As a result, the most recent governments have tolerated and even sponsored it....
In an interview not long after that article was published, “President Salinas himself admitted that the annual flow of cocaine and other illicit drugs through Mexico totals some $100 billion annually.”
No one really knows how much the business is, but one thing is for certain, it hasn’t gotten any smaller. With a documented history of clandestine promotion of the illicit drug trade, can anybody really believe Mexico is going to shut it down?
Which is why whenever the U.S. government pressures Mexico to clean up its drug-trafficking problem, we can be sure that our leaders are ready to throw more political kerosene on the black market fire, and Mexico’s ruling elite will gladly play along with the charade.
To combat Mexico’s seemingly uncontrollable narcotics-trafficking problem, “The Bush administration has petitioned Congress for a $1.4 billion, three-year package to send anti-narcotics aid to Mexico and Central America. All but $50 million of the package is earmarked for the Calderon government.”
For average Americans struggling just to make their mortgages, fill up their gas tanks and buy groceries, our political leaders’ continued generosity with their constituents’ money must be puzzling.
For those who understand the politics of the system that actually governs Mexico, it is an unmitigated outrage.
The Juarez city government is now attempting to hire police officers with a bonus (about $721) and pay (about $942 per month), which is lucrative in comparison to the average local wage.
But given the realities of the vicious drug war that starry-eyed recruits might face, the city might as well advertise: “hey, for a whopping $942 per month, you can join us to fight the multi-billion dollar drug cartels, which are unofficially protected, sanctioned, and collaborated with by the Mexican federal government. Notwithstanding the dismal odds, and the fact that you could end up dead real quick, your city wants to hire you to combat this problem.” It's not hard to see why so many police are so easily corruptible and brought into working on behalf of the cartels.
Against that backdrop, consider the ramifications of the goals of those who seek to push NAFTA to the next level, through the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
In its “Myths vs. Facts,” page, the SPP makes several straw men claims and then effortlessly knocks them over. In the interest of space, let's look at two, which are demonstrably false.
In one myth, that “the SPP infringes on the sovereignty of the United States,” the SPP responds: “The SPP respects and leaves the unique cultural and legal framework of each of the three countries intact. Nothing in the SPP undermines the U.S. Constitution. In no way does the SPP infringe upon the sovereignty of the United States.”
Judicial Watch, which obtained several reports through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), culled out several proposals that put this lie to rest. One proposal by a “working group” was “a conceptual agreement for a ‘One Card’ to facilitate cross-border movement between Mexico, the United States and Canada.”
Will the “One Card” invite many more people like these to be a part of that “cross-border movement”?
Another myth the government entity claims to slay is that “the SPP will cost U.S. taxpayers money.” It claims: “the SPP is being implemented with existing budget resources. Over the long-term, it will save U.S. taxpayers money by cutting through costly red tape and reducing redundant paperwork. This initiative will benefit the taxpayers through economic gain and increased security, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and quality of life in our countries.”
In another FOIA request, Judicial Watch uncovered a “deliverable” to “Improve North America’s competitiveness by enhancing Mexico’s competitive position through the establishment of a grant fund for development with U.S. and Canadian resources to finance the development of physical infrastructure in Mexico.”
Yes, while Mexico is wallowing is unfathomable corruption, our leaders are preparing to tax Americans to build up its infrastructure.
Roberto vowed to “never return to Mexico.” Given his experience, who can fault him?
However, Americans who don’t want to ever experience what Roberto did must come to the realization that if our “North American” political elites have their way, the horrific crimes Roberto seeks to avoid in Mexico will come to us.