Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The “American Clean Energy and Security” Rip-Off

Peter Orvetti
Campaign For Liberty
Monday, June 29, 2009

On Friday evening, the House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), a well-intentioned but misbegotten Frankenstein monster of a bill intended to combat climate change. Republicans Mary Bono Mack, Mike Castle, Mark Kirk, Frank LoBiondo, John McHugh, Dave Reichert, and Chris Smith joined 211 Democrats to put the bill over the top 219-212. Showing the profiles in courage typical to elected politicians, about three dozen Democrats hung back during the roll call until passage was certain, waiting until they could safely vote no without riling their party’s leaders.

As its sponsors struggled to make it palatable to representatives from energy-producing states, the bill swelled from 942 pages to just over 1,200, leaving undecided members little time to digest the new material. This brings to mind Rep. John Conyers’s admission to Michael Moore that members of Congress “don’t really read most of the bills” they vote for, because it would “slow down the legislative process.”

Two weeks after his election as president, Barack Obama said, “Few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change. The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear.” Shortly thereafter, more than 100 scientists signed a newspaper advertisement responding, “With all due respect Mr. President, that is not true.” The scientists, from places as varied and esteemed as Los Alamos National Laboratory, the American Physical Society, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania, said the “case for alarm regarding climate change is grossly overstated.”

But even many who are not skeptical about global warming found things to dislike in ACES. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who voted against it, said, “It won’t address the problem. In fact, it might make the problem worse.” Kucinich faulted the bill’s “Enron-style accounting methods” and allocation of $60 billion for Carbon Capture and Sequestration, “a single technology which may or may not work.” Kucinich faulted the corporate welfare embedded in the bill, saying that the “trillion dollar carbon derivatives market will help Wall Street investors,” with any benefits “passed through coal companies and other large corporations, on whom we will rely to pass on the savings.”

“I take climate change seriously,” libertarian economist Megan McArdle wrote last week. But she said the projections for ACES’s “effect on global warming are entirely negligible,” and any hope that U.S. passage of the bill will “persuade China and India to get on board” is “entirely wishful thinking on the part of American environmentalists. China is not going to let its citizens languish in subsistence farming because 30 years from now, some computer models say there will be some not-well-specified bad effects from high temperatures. Nor is India.”

Indeed, United Nations data suggest that ACES will reduce global warming by 0.07 of a degree Fahrenheit by 2050. In exchange, the U.S. risks sparking a trade war with those two massive economic powers when their own near-certain failure to act results in U.S. sanctions. While the Congressional Budget Office says ACES will drive up the average family’s energy bill by about $175 per year by 2020, that does not take into account the larger economic cost.

A Center for Data Analysis study concludes ACES will hurt the gross domestic product by $9.4 trillion by 2035 and cost the average family $1,241 per year. That’s because, as the Wall Street Journal put it last week, “the whole point of cap and trade is to hike the price of electricity and gas so that Americans will use less. These higher prices will show up not just in electricity bills or at the gas station but in every manufactured good, from food to cars.” A British analysis finds the average family there is paying nearly $1,300 a year for carbon-cutting programs that were introduced just a few years ago.

As Obama himself said during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers.” Meanwhile, reductions in consumer spending will necessarily mean a decline in production which could eliminate more than 1.1 million jobs.

This is an awful lot to pay for legislation that will not reduce global warming and will not encourage other major economic powers to become more environmentally conscious. Maybe next time, Congress should read the bill before voting on it.

Buchanan: Climate Bill Is Transfer Of Wealth To World Government

Former presidential advisor slams fearmongering that led to passage of nightmare legislation

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, June 29, 2009

During an appearance on MSNBC, political commentator Pat Buchanan correctly defined the “Climate Bill” for what it really is, not just a new tax on the American people, but a complete transfer of power and wealth to a global government that is using the manufactured fear of global warming to grease the skids for total domination.

Referring to the passage of the climate bill and global warming in general, Buchanan said that the legislation was passed through the use of fear and that, “More and more scientists are coming forward to say this is a hoax and a scam which is designed to transfer wealth and power from the private sector to the government sector and from the government of the United States to a world government. Which is what we’re going to get in Copenhagen when we get this Kyoto two agreement.”

Buchanan labeled the legislation a “tax bill” that would raise the prices of utilities for every American, hammer the middle class and working class, “for a danger that we don’t even know is really there”.

The former senior advisor to three U.S. presidents accused the Obama administration of hyping the apocalyptic myth that the oceans will rise and that cities will be underwater in order to ram through the legislation.

Establishment left-wing blogs like Crooks and Liars and Media Matters are carrying the video of Buchanan’s remarks with little or no accompanying commentary, as if Buchanan’s comments alone are enough to discredit his position.

Those who act as shills for the climate change hoax may believe that anyone who dares challenge the authodoxy of the church of global warming is automatically a heretic and that no evidence whatsoever needs to even be presented to counter their sacrilege, but here in the real world we prefer to stick to the facts.

Empirical satellite data shows that mean global temperatures are the same that they were 30 years ago and that global sea ice is also at similar levels. Following a spike in global temperatures at the end of the last century that coincided with the sun undergoing its most active period in recent times, the planet has now cooled to 1979 levels. At the end of summer last year, despite hysterical predictions that the North Pole would be free of ice for the first time in history, Arctic sea ice had actually expanded by 30 per cent, an area the size of Germany.

Coinciding with expanding ice sheets, there has been no rise in sea levels for the past three years. Tropical storms and extreme weather events attributed to global warming like hurricanes and typhoons are at a record low.

The United Nations’s IPCC, the heavily politicized organization that is often erroneously cited as an independent scientific body by climate change promoters, was last year caught citing fake data to make the case that global warming is accelerating, a shocking example of mass public deception.

“This was startling,” reported the London Telegraph. “Across the world there were reports of unseasonal snow and plummeting temperatures last month, from the American Great Plains to China, and from the Alps to New Zealand. China’s official news agency reported that Tibet had suffered its “worst snowstorm ever”. In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered 63 local snowfall records and 115 lowest-ever temperatures for the month, and ranked it as only the 70th-warmest October in 114 years.”

It soon came to light that the data produced by NASA to make the claim, and in particular temperature records covering large areas of Russia, was merely carried over from the previous month. NASA had used temperature records from the naturally hotter month of September and claimed they represented temperature figures for October.

As David Deming points out in his excellent article today, temperature data collected by weather stations is being artificially impacted by measuring systems placed nearby to sources of heat. This is why claims that global temperatures are still rising are completely contradicted by real world evidence of falling temperatures and what some scientists are warning is the beginning of a new ice age.

“Why do people think the planet is warming?,” writes Deming. “One reason is that the temperature data from weather stations appear to be hopelessly contaminated by urban heat effects. A survey of the 1221 temperature stations in the US by meteorologist Anthony Watts and his colleagues is now more than 80 percent complete. The magnitude of putative global warming over the last 150 years is about 0.7 °C. But only 9 percent of meteorological stations in the US are likely to have temperature errors lower than 1 °C. More than two-thirds of temperature sensors used to estimate global warming are located near artificial heating sources such as air conditioning vents, asphalt paving, or buildings. These sources are likely to introduce artifacts greater than 2 °C into the temperature record.”

“Every year in the US, more than forty thousand people are killed in traffic accidents. But not one single person has ever been killed by global warming. The number of species that have gone extinct from global warming is exactly zero. Both the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets are stable. The polar bear population is increasing. There has been no increase in infectious disease that can be attributed to climate change. We are not currently experiencing more floods, droughts, or forest fires,” he concludes.

As we have attempted to warn, the major beneficiaries of the climate bill will be the elitists who own the carbon trading systems that will be used to handle the ‘cap and trade’ program, namely Al Gore and Maurice Strong, two figures intimately involved with a long standing movement to use the theory of man made global warming as a mechanism for profit and social engineering.

Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offset opportunities, is the largest shareholder of The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

While Maurice Strong, who is regularly credited as founding father of the modern environmental movement, serves on the board of directors of CCX. Strong was a leading initiate of the Earth Summit in the early 90s, where the theory of global warming caused by CO2 generated by human activity was most notably advanced.

VIDEO: Obama's Brown Shirts

This is the exact kind of communal "volunteerism" that Hitler's Brown Shirts were involved in when they weren't on the streets busting heads. Today Comrade Obama asks for "volunteerism" from people of all ages but, if he has his way, this program will be the springboard leading to compulsory forced labor for all US citizens. Just watch!

S 787 Near Complete Takeover of Private Land by out of control Government

Endgame Now Blog
Monday, June 29, 2009


You need to read this! This will be a near complete takeover of private land in the US by our out of control Government.

If you think food is high now or energy, just wait this this kicks in… We are getting change alright!

- Bob Parker

* * *

Message from R.J. Smith regarding:
S.787 Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA)

Hope many of you had a chance to watch democracy in action. In a mere one hour and seventeen minutes the EPW sailed through the CWRA S.787 (actually a slightly modified alternative amendment worked out yesterday by Baucus-Klobuchar-Boxer.) The Baucus “compromise” was largely window dressing, maintaining the existing CWA exemptions for some agricultural activities in the new CWRA. This was to lure farmers into supporting the CWRA. At best it might have gained them one farm organization.

S. 787 as amended passed and was reported favorably to the Senate. The vote was 12-7 on straight party lines.

Senators Inhofe, Vitter and Barrasso were heroic in their efforts to defend private property rights and states’ water rights and prevent most of the American land and water from effectively being Federalized/nationalized.

Inhofe made an excellent opening statement and subsequent comments. Said the bill was not fixable, but that there was no way to stop it in committee. He vowed a very robust effort to defeat it on the floor. Said it is a dagger aimed right at the heart of rural America.

Vitter noted this bill is a radical change in the CWA moving from regulation of navigable waters to regulation of all waters of the US. He submitted two amendments.

One to allow the president to override the CWRA in the case of natural disasters such as hurricanes, so that recovery efforts would not be delayed or halted. Boxer said public health would be compromised if exemptions were provided. Carper said Vitter’s amendment would undermine the intent of the bill.

Boxer and Carper argued they weren’t expanding any government authority — simply returning to the authority of the CWA prior to the SWANCC and Rapanos decisions, i.e., restoring the authority of the CWA. (Boxer repeated that theme over and over.)

Vitter responded that it restores nothing that was ever in the CWA — instead it returns to the vastly expansive definition of navigable which federal bureaucrats had achieved in order to usurp powers not grated to the Federal government (such as the migratory bird rule, the “glancing goose test”), which was why the Supreme Court had to step in and point out that navigable meant navigable.

It was defeated on a voice vote.

Vitter offered another amendment to include language that the use of mosquito control pesticides would never be required to obtain permits under the CWRA. Worried about this preventing control of diseases such as West Nile. Said FIFRA already adequately regulates their use. There have been movements to require such permits and there are currently cases in court. Boxer responded that Obama has issued a two-year stay or moratorium on such regulations — so nothing to worry about. Vitter insisted that it was necessary to resolve the uncertainty and a temporary stay was insufficient.

Defeated on a voice vote and a roll call vote.

Barrasso then offered a series of amendments, basically aimed at restricting the vast new “wetlands” listed as waters of the US.

First was to prohibit the Federal government from taking all streams and intermittent streams within a state. Said there was no authority for the US to seize jurisdiction over state streams. “No one in WDC has the right to seize and control our streams.” And they were already adequately protected under state laws. And that streams that only flowed when storm water runoff filled them would be placed under control of Washington. Defeated on voice vote.

Next amendment to prevent Federal government from taking all mudflats in the 50 states. Boxer objected to saying the environmentalists were special interest groups, they were just trying to protect our beautiful places. Defeated on voice vote and on a roll call vote by 13-6. I believe it was Voinovich who crossed. (It was difficult to hear the clerk announce the roll call vote and the votes themselves.)

Next amendment to prevent US takeover of all prairie potholes in the states, with vast numbers being on private farmland and ranchland. Voice vote sounded close so Boxer asked for a roll call vote. 13-6 against.

Next Barrasso amendment to prohibit Federal takeover of all wet meadows. Defeated on voice vote.

Next amendment to prevent EPA takeover of all natural ponds. It nationalizes all natural ponds on private lands. Defeated by voice vote.

Boxer asked Barrasso if he had any more amendments. He responded yes. She replied “Boy you are a glutton for punishment.” (So much for respect for property rights and the Fifth Amendment.)

Next amendment. To protect and exempt agriculture under the CWRA. Boxer said this would create an enormous loophole for pollution by famers. Defeated on voice vote.

Next amendment prohibits controls on animal farming: cattle, sheep, goats, fish, crawfish, etc. Defeated on voice vote.

Last Barrasso amendment required that specific language be inserted in the bill to clearly exempt ground water from the regulatory authority of the CWRA. Said while the findings suggest that ground water is not included, that was insufficient. Need unambiguous language. Boxer replied that doing so would weaken the bill! Defeated on voice vote and then on a roll call vote. Inhofe then asked that his name also be attached to all of the amendments.

Then Boxer called for the vote on S.787 as amended and it very quickly passed 12-7.

Now we wait to see what happens in the Senate and what Rep. Oberstar does in the House.

Senator Inhofe said in committee that there is no chance of the CWRA passing on the Senate floor. And in a post-mark-up press release reiterated that “The CWRA faces certain demise if it ever reaches the Senate floor.”

Also Senator Crapo placed a hold on the bill.

Let’s hope that Senator Inhofe’s optimism is well founded.
Meanwhile it is important that anyone who has examples of CWA horror stories of landowners — or any projects — tied up in years of costly red tape and permits, staggering court costs, and fines or imprisonment for carrying out legitimate activities on private land — please submit them to us. Especially if you have documentation such as newspaper stories.

The supporters of the CWRA are arguing that it is simply an attempt to return to the innocuous CWA pre-SWANCC, when the law did nothing but make our waters safe for drinking, swimming and fishing.

We need additional stories similar to those of the imprisonment of Ocie Mills and his son in FL for 21 months; John Pozsgai in PA for 18 months as part of a three-year sentence; Bill Ellen in MD for 6 months; etc., to demonstrate the vast overreach of the CWA and precisely why the Supreme Court had to step in.
And that returning to those unlimited powers — and in fact giving the Feds ever broader authority to regulate anything and everything would be a disaster.

Remember the case of the Gaston Roberge and his wife in Maine. They had owned a 2.8 acre commercial lot in the town of Old Orchard Beach for 20 years. Purchased originally to pay for their retirement.
In the mid-1970s they had allowed the town to deposit excavated dirt from a sewer line project on one half acre. When they attempted to sell the lot in 1986 the Corps told them it was a wetlands and they had violated the CWA by illegally dumping fill on it and were order to remove it.

They spent 8 years fighting through the green tape and with mounting frustration and costs finally went to court. In the discovery process they located an internal Corps memo recommending “Roberge would be a good one to squash and set an example” — in order to create a climate of fear among landowners and developers. Subsequently the Corps dropped the charges and paid some compensation to Roberge — but nowhere near enough to make him whole.

That attitude of the Federal bureaucrats of squashing people to set an example demonstrates the CWA had long ago been converted from water protection to an exercise in naked political power.

If you have such horror stories please send them to rsmith@nationalcenter.org. Or mail them c/o NCPPR, Capitol Court, N.E., Suite 200, Washington, D.C 20002.

And for information on the CWRA, many documents and papers and links to other sites visit the National Center’s CWRA webpage: http://www.nationalcenter.org/CWRA.html.

RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase

Full frontal assault on every aspect of freedom kicks into high gear as the elite twist the knife into the rotting carcass of the United States

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, June 29, 2009

The wholesale looting of America and the transfer of wealth and power over to a private banking elite who are setting up a world government, along with the complete obliteration of any remaining freedom to protest, resist, or even speak out against this agenda, is now entering its final phase as numerous different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall into place and portray a clear picture of tyranny.

We are about to sound the death knell for the United States if every one of the following attacks on our liberty, free speech, sovereignty, and right to not be ruled over by an unelected banking dictatorship is not fiercely opposed and crushed.


The passage of the “Climate Bill” by the House and its likely approval by the Senate represents the entrĂ©e for the complete and total subjugation of any freedoms we had left and the beginning of nightmare regulation and suffocating control over every aspect of our personal lives by millions of green stasi tasked with enforcing impossible to attain goals of 80% carbon dioxide reduction - all based on the manufactured threat of global warming.

This bill will also sink the economy and create a new great depression, effectively obliterating America’s first world status. It represents a transfer of power and wealth from both the U.S. government and the American taxpayer over to the system of world government and global regulation now being erected by means of the climate change hoax.

This is far worse than just a “new tax” as Republicans are complaining - this is the total takeover of the American economy by private banking interests through the carbon trading system.

As we have attempted to warn, the major beneficiaries of the climate bill will be the elitists who own the carbon trading systems that will be used to handle the ‘cap and trade’ program, namely Al Gore and Maurice Strong, two figures intimately involved with a long standing movement to use the theory of man made global warming as a mechanism for profit and social engineering.

We must rally now to lobby members of Congress who voted for the legislation and demand they change their vote before July 2nd. Failing that, we must demand that the Senate does not rubber stamp this nightmare legislation. Failing that, we must support and organize to craft more legislation based on the example of Arizona, who recently passed state Senate legislation refusing to comply with insane climate laws coming from the federal level.


The seemingly endless economic “bailouts” represent the wholesale looting of the American taxpayer and the grand theft of trillions of dollars by private banking interests who refuse to even disclose where the money went.

Not satisfied with stealing tens of trillions, under the Obama administration’s new regulatory reform plan, the Federal Reserve is now trying to enrich itself with dictator powers that will give it complete control over the U.S. economy, handing them the authority to “regulate” and shut down any company whose activity it believes could threaten the economy and the markets.

We must rally now and lobby more members of Congress to support Ron Paul’s H.R. 1207 bill to audit the Federal Reserve and highlight the fact that Bernanke is spewing financial terrorism when he threatens an economic collapse should the Fed be opened up to scrutiny.


Federal hate crimes legislation, which in reality would criminalize “thought crimes,” has cleared the House and now faces the Senate as S.909, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act (officially, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act).

S.909 is a direct violation of the First Amendment. It allows the federal government to prosecute people involved in “hate speech” transmitted over television, radio, and the internet. The House version of the bill states:

“Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce [radio, TV, internet] any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. (HR 1966, SEC 3, Sec. 881a)”

In other words, if a talk show host engages in “hostile” speech against a person or persons of the above mentioned federally protected group that talk show host will face federal prosecution and the prospect of a two year prison term.

The Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act would similarly criminalize free speech on the Internet if it can be deemed in any way to have been “harmful” to an individual. This represents the end of political blogging and free speech on the world wide web.

If both bills are not opposed and thrown out then the First Amendment will become nothing more than a relic of a bygone age.


The Senate bill S.787, otherwise known as the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA), would replace language in the regulatory act currently using “navigable waters” with “waters of the United States.”

What this means is that “the government would essentially be able to regulate everything from standing water in floodplains to creeks that run behind business and residences,” according to an Environmental Leader report.

This represents a complete takeover of private land and waterways by the federal government, a total assault on private property rights and a complete federalization of America’s land and water.

“In a letter to Senate Environment and Public Works Chair Barbara Boxer and ranking member James Inhofe, the American Farm Bureau Federation said that the proposed law would “extend to all water — anywhere from farm ponds, to storm water retention basins, to roadside ditches, to desert washes, to streets and gutters, even to a puddle of rainwater,” stated the letter. “For the first time in the 36-year history of the act, activities that have no impact on actual rivers and lakes would be subject to full federal regulation.”

If this bill becomes law, it will empower the federal government to seize private property on a whim, using similar powers that Communist China employed during Chairman Mao’s “great leap forward,” where landowners had their property violently confiscated and stolen by the government.

If this bill passes the Senate, private property rights in the United States are effectively null and void and the federal government would legally have the power to bulldoze families from their homes as routinely happens in Communist China.


Amongst the myriad of assaults on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens undertaken by the Obama administration during the course of its first year in office, the one that stands out as the most alarming is the attempt to ban people who appear on the terrorist watch list from buying guns.

But isn’t stopping terrorists from buying guns surely a sensible measure to take? The problem is that the terrorist watch list, sometimes called the no fly list, is not a list of likely terrorists, it is a sprawling database of of innocent people that contains the names of over one million Americans. This is a rise of 32% since 2007 alone.

Members of Congress, nuns, war heroes, reverends, the former assistant attorney general, toddlers and children, the ACLU administrator, people with difficult names and all American names like Robert Johnson and Gary Smith, have become caught in the vast tentacle of this list, documents the ACLU.

Moreover, once a person is included on the terrorist watch list it is virtually impossible to get off it.

The terrorist watch list is an ever-expanding tool with which to deny Americans basic rights as well as to strip them completely of the Fourth Amendment.

Now it is being used to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearms. Legislation sponsored by the The Government Accountability Office seeks to “close the gap” and prevent victims of the terrorist watch list from being able to purchase firearms.

This represents a new end run around the Second Amendment and a concerted effort on behalf of the federal government to classify millions of innocent Americans as potential terrorists, thus stripping them of their Constitutional right to own firearms.


Our right to protest against any of the egregious assaults on the Constitution that are listed above is itself being removed by new law enforcement and Pentagon training manuals and guidelines that define protesting as domestic terrorism.

Current Department of Defense anti-terrorism training course material states that the exercise of First Amendment rights in the U.S. constitutes terrorist activity.

Over the last few years we have documented countless examples of security assessment reports from the likes of the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, as well as police training manuals, which state that anti-war protesters, gun owners, veterans, Ron Paul supporters and those who merely cite the Constitution should be equated with extremists and domestic terrorists.

The fact that the government is now treating people who merely criticize its conduct as domestic terrorists is the clearest signal possible that the United States has entered a period in history similar to Germany in the early 1930’s and that it can only be a matter of time before the right “emergency” provides the justification for dissidents to be targeted for round-ups and mass imprisonment.

No one can claim now that this is merely a paranoid delusion - the government itself is training its law enforcement and military arms that protesters and people who use their First Amendment rights are domestic terrorists. The last time this happened was under King George shortly before the American Revolution.


If we don’t stand up in unison and exercise our right to protest and free speech now more than ever before, while pointing out that the real terrorists are those who would seek to destroy the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights, then we may find ourselves doing our protesting behind the barbed wires and the concrete blocks of an internment camp.

The hour is late, the clock stands at one minute to midnight, and the federal government, through all the examples documented above, is on the verge of implementing nothing less than a total environmental, financial and societal dictatorship and killing what once was the United States of America.

Almost identical programs of total enslavement are also being pushed through in almost every other major western country at the same time.

If we don’t stop obsessing about the minutia of life and actually concentrate on the imminent destruction of the very principles of our livelihoods, the bedrock freedoms that allow us to operate in relative comfort on a daily basis and be reasonably secure in our own homes, being able to pay our bills, put food on the table, earn money, and air our grievances when government threatens to impinge on those basic freedoms, then there will be nothing left but a rotten hollow carcass and a memory of what America once strived to be - land of the free, home of the brave - not land of the thief, home of the slave.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VIDEO: Ron Paul Exposes I.M.F. Fraud And Criminality

Everybody needs to understand how corrupt and economically destructive the I.M.F. has been to the world economy. These bastards need to arrested, tried, and hanged for the crimes of fraud, criminal bribery and for crimes against humanity! These people are a pack of criminals! They've deliberately destroyed hundreds of countries around the world! Check it out:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Disasterous Economic News

The only reason why these crooks can't fix the economy is because they deliberately destroyed it and they wanted it destroyed!

In the end, the criminal bankers will buy up the whole economy for pennies on the dollar. It's called "monopoly consolidation" or "vertical integration". That's the name of the bankers game! We're screwed!

This is High Treason! Let's hang these bastards!

‘Committee to Save the World’ Fails Twice!
By: Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning

‘Committee to Save the World’ Fails Twice!

It was 10 years ago this month that Time magazine gave us the Committee to Save the World:

Looking proud, confident…Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers proposed to save the world from the Asian debt crisis… They should have left well enough alone. Because of them, we now have a crisis that is far worse.

But the longer the rally goes on, the more people think it is permanent. They think the crisis is over already.

Last week, the Dow took baby steps…but mostly up the stairs. On Friday, the index rose another 28 points. Oil held steady at $72. The dollar rose a little, to $1.39 per euro. Gold was the big loser – down $21, but still in the mid-$900 range.

When the baby finally gets to the top of the steps, the poor lil’ fella will fall backwards… and bounce all the way to the bottom.

Why? C’mon, dear reader, you’re not paying attention. We have explained why many times. But the more we explain it, the more it doesn’t seem to be true. Stocks should be going down; but they’re not. And the more they don’t, the more people think they never will. Feelings change. The naked fear of the crash period yields to a calmer, more ‘reasonable’ outlook…where people think ‘this isn’t so bad’… ‘we can live with this’… ‘we’ll muddle through; we’ll be all right.’

Thus does a dangerous complacency take over. Like the Donner Party, when the first snow flakes fell:

“The mountains are so pretty when it snows,” they said to each other. And while they were admiring the view, the passes filled with drifts.

“Six Flags” is broke, says the news report from the weekend. Las Vegas casinos are going broke too.

Foreclosures are still rising; they’re expected to top 3 million this year.

The unemployment rate in the US 9.4% – officially; it will be over 10% by the end of the year.

Global trade is collapsing – with exports from all the major exporting nations down by double digits. Exports are even going down in the US. Remember how the dollar’s decline was supposed to be a good thing, because it made US exports more competitive. But with global trade declining, US manufacturers – along with everyone else – are finding it harder to sell on the world market.

Why all this bad news?

Because, once a bubble has exploded, it can’t be reflated. The feds can put out new money and credit – but it goes somewhere else.

What blew up in ’07-’08 was the bubble machine itself…the compressor that the Committee to Save the World built. It pumped up property prices. With rising property prices, consumers had so much credit that almost every investment seemed like a good one. In China, they built factories to make geegaws… In the US they built malls to sell them. Americans would buy anything!

Naturally, many of the financial decisions from this period proved to be bad ones. And now they’re being sorted out. Investments are being written down, written off…and good riddance! Consumers are sorting out their own balance sheets too – cutting spending and paying down debt.

Until these things are sorted out, there will be no real boom on Wall Street.

Ray Dalio explained it to Barron’s two months ago:

“It is very clear to me that we are in a D-process…different than a recession… Everybody should, at this point, try to understand the depression process by reading about the Great Depression or the Latin American debt crisis or the Japanese experience so that it becomes part of their frame of reference. “

The D-process is a long process. It takes time to sort things. Just imagine how long it takes to pay off debt…or it takes for GM to become a profitable business again…or how long it takes Six Flags to find a new business model. These things don’t happen overnight.

And while they are happening, people – who have no experience with the D-Process – think they see ‘green shoots’…or think another bull market is beginning…or think the feds have fixed the problems. Time after time, they come back into the investment market…time after time they lose money. And then, eventually, they make peace with the D-Process and put their affairs in order. Then, and only then, can a new cycle begin.

The New York Times reports that Mr. Tim Geithner is defending the stimulus program wherever he goes.

The Washington Post reports that Larry Summers is doing the same thing.

Isn’t it interesting, dear reader? There were very few people who understood what was happening during the bubble years. Neither Summers nor Geithner was among them. Summers was one of the original members of Time magazine’s ‘Committee to Save the World.’ Along with Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin, Summers saved the world from the Asian debt crisis. That was 10 years ago this month.

Of course, the three didn’t really save the world – they set it up for a much bigger catastrophe. In the meantime, Summers went on to a disastrous interlude in academia. Robert Rubin went to Citigroup, where he pushed the bank in the wrong direction – towards dangerous derivatives. When the debt bombs blew up, Rubin was then pushed out of the firm. And Alan Greenspan went on to manage the Fed in an almost unimaginably clumsy way – practically single-handedly bringing about the biggest bubble in world economic history.

But now, there’s a new Committee to Save the World. Summers is back. And he’s joined by Bernanke and Geithner. What a great committee! Innocents and insiders… who neither saw any evil, heard none, nor spoke none. The three were deaf, dumb, and blind to the biggest bubble in all time.

But now they are taking the lead in fixing the problems they never saw. How?

With stimulus! A $100 billion here. A $100 billion there. They’ve put at risk an amount of money nearly three times as great as America’s expenses in World War II.

They bail out a bank in North Carolina. They take over an auto company in Detroit.

Hey, what about the casinos? Aren’t you going to bail them out too?

What makes these three fellows think that this will make Americans richer? More prosperous? Or more secure? Has this sort of meddling ever actually made people better off? They should follow Ray Dalio’s advice and read about similar crises in history. Can you make those crises go away by spending trillions? If so, there’s no evidence of it in the histories we read. Not in the Great Depression. Not in the Latin debt crisis. Not in the Japanese experience.

And what about this time? The evidence we see tells us that the underlying economy is getting worse, not better. In addition to the figures cited above, there are the inflation rates. Inflation in America and Britain is coming down…to around 2%. In Europe it has already fallen into negative territory…with rates heading to minus 1%.

Meanwhile, oil is over $70 this morning – 7 times higher than it was when Larry Summers, et al, saved the world the first time. Gold is nearly 4 times higher.

In other words, the feds’ easy money is not reaching the consumer and not stimulating the consumer economy. Consumption is down…and with it, business earnings are down too.

“Dow 1 million,” says our old friend Jim Rogers. The feds’ phony money can stimulate speculation, he points out. But it can’t stimulate real growth.

This second ‘Committee to Save the World’ is destined to end like the first one – in disgrace and disaster. It will try to cure one disaster by creating a worse one.

Until tomorrow,

Bill Bonner
The Daily Reckoning

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

VIDEO: Naomi Wolf On "The End Of America

I hate to have to admit that a flaming feminist like Naomi Wolf could actually have something constructive to contribute to civilized society, but she does do an excellent job here.

The only point N.W. missed here, and the most important point, is the fact that dictatorships always rise in an atmosphere of economic hardship when the masses feel desperate enough to willingly surrender their civil liberties in exchange for the hope economic survival. The fact of the matter is that a police state dictatorship is a "rear guard" action used by the ruling classes after the elites have made the decision to loot, rob and rape the general population. That's why recent disasters such as the bogus war on terror, the collapse of our banking system, our massive trade deficit, the rising "mean green" movement, the news blackout concerning the secret North Americasn Union project, and Obama's economically reckless $1.8 trillion budget deficit are all subjects of deep concern.

The same language, images, manipulation that would-be despots have used in the past to break down existing democracies are being employed now. From Italy in the 1920s, Germany in the 1930s, and on and on, Wolf finds that all these despots do that same things. Mussolini created the blueprint, Hitler followed suit, Stalin studied Hitler and these methods just get passed down to the next generation of dictators throughout the world. Wolf has summarized their method is ten points:

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

2. Create a gulag

3. Develop a thug caste

4. Set up an internal surveillance system

5. Harass citizens' groups

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7. Target key individuals

8. Control the press

9. Dissent equals treason

10. Suspend the rule of law

Wolf argues that all of these methods are underway in the United States right now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

As The Dollar Falls Inflation Rises

Bob Chapman
May 27, 2009

Issuing money and credit hides the defaulting, Inflation is running much higher than is believed, Federal debt continues to expand, Downturn is coupled with over optimistic predictions of growth, real numbers for the economy show very little movement

Americans may just be beginning to understand the US strategy regarding the credit crisis, but foreigners understand what they are up too. The US is creating a stealth default on its debt by continuing to issue massive amounts of money and credit and in the process devaluing the dollar. This, of course, is fraud, but other nations have defrauded the US for years by cheapening their currencies and subsidizing goods and services. China may be upset as others are, but they have totally subsidized their economy and they have been the worst offenders in cheapening their currency. What do they call their current $1.25 trillion effort to keep their growth above 8%? They have 30 million unemployed and frankly fear a revolution. Chinese policy was to sell goods to America, which was unable to pay for those goods. Their $2 trillion in US denominated assets will probably end up being worth $1 trillion and they knew that going in. They wanted the market and they’ll have to pay the price. US Treasury and Fed issuance is going to get worse not better – it’s going to be that way for sometime to come. No aggregates are going to be pulled from the system. If the US does that the financial system will collapse. There is going to be massive inflation and what China should be doing is dumping dollars by buying gold. They have not anticipated the fall in US stock and bond markets and the derivative bomb. American assets, including bonds, will get badly trashed. We wrote of all this in June of 2002, but no one was listening. We could not even envision the affects of mark-to-model and the worthless balance sheets of corporate America, particularly in the financial sector. Within four years and more likely in two to three years the US will default on treasury and Agency debt. That should take the dollar in USDX terms to 40. It is now just below 80. China obviously feels the yields offered on US paper on the long end are not worth the play. They have been buying bills instead in the short-term market that the Fed has to support. Today investors cannot conceive how bad this depression is going to get. Even the Bilderbergs see they cannot handle what is coming and want to reverse the process. Unfortunately it is too late for that. There has been no return since June of 2002. The Chinese knew 5 years ago they were screwed, but they kept on playing the game. They had to supply jobs or they might have had a revolution. The illuminist plan to bring China into WTO was a very bad choice. All the money the transnational conglomerates made will eventually be lost

America is burdened in expensive wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and is still occupying Iraq. This has cost Americans almost $1 trillion and it won’t end for years, an expensive distraction. We know war was created to enrich the elitists among other things, but the result has been disastrous not only for America but for the elitists as well. The Chinese have played a very dangerous game and if they try to get nasty as a creditor holding debt the US will just default. The Chinese will have to take their losses and perhaps start a war. America is in receivership and they should simply go into bankruptcy. We can bring our troops home, get rid of the Fed, pass trade tariffs, clear Wall Street out of Washington and let the treason and criminal trials begin.

Our guess is that all kinds of deals have been made illegally that we know nothing about with China. We must find out what these deals were. The only way we can do that is by removing those from power, who made those deals.

Keynesian inflationism is so engrained in economic orthodoxy that it is very hard to get a dissenting view. 90% of economists and analysts work for large corporations, which more often than not are run by Illuminists. IF you speak out of line you are out of a job. That is why few disagree. We just did about 30 interviews on Fox News and we were told we would no longer be allowed on the network to speak on the Federal Reserve. This is today’s version of freedom of the press-or media. If you do not like it ban it. Economists and analysts face the same problem. Policymakers have charted a course that risks bankrupting the economy and the Fed are at the core of the problem. They are doing everything possible to destroy the US economy.

When we see Dr. Kenneth Rogoff, IMF economist, advocating 6% inflation we have to laugh. It is still running at 9-1/2%. Food prices continue to rise and gasoline is moving higher as are oil prices. To insinuate that inflation would ameliorate the debt bomb and help in the de-leveraging process is pure folly. Then we have professor Mankiw who advocates negative interest rates. You borrow $100 and pay back $97. That is idiotic and this man is teaching our children, someone has to tell me how incurring more debt will allow us to escape debt? We are nearing 50 years in finance and economics and we cannot believe the unmitigated crap we are hearing from so-called experts. If these are experts please dear Lord send us the uneducated. They at least have common sense. These are the same people, along with government, banking and Wall Street who are creating another debt bomb. Federal debt is expanding at an unheard of 13%. As a result yields are rising as are gold and silver and the dollar is falling. It is only a matter of time until a crisis of confidence occurs in the Treasury market. This year the yield has moved from 2.35% to 3.45% on the 10-year notes and they and the 30’ have broken their 200-day moving averages. At the same time the Fed has induced these low rates for mortgages, as risk is transferred to the taxpayer via loans being guaranteed by the GSE’s, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In just two years we will again face this debt bomb to go along with ALT-A loans, Option-ARM-pick and pay loans and prime loan failures due to rising, encompassing unemployment. That will occur in 2011 and 2012. The failure of the housing market is only 40% to 50% over. All this is happening as policymakers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp, etc., and the rest of the elitists are shifting all the debt from the financial sector to the American people. Virtually no one talks about what is really going on. The same people at the Fed, in banking, on Wall Street and in government are supposedly solving the problems they created. We have news for you; they are not solving anything. They are just pushing judgment day a little further out. That is costing us $2 trillion in additional debt a year, which we can ill afford. The bomb gets bigger every day and you won’t want to be around when it explodes.

We hope you are all aware that as the dollar falls inflation rises. That is because we don’t produce much anymore and as the dollar declines the cost of imported goods rises, including oil. By the end of the year oil could be $80 a barrel and gasoline over $3.00 a gallon. It started to feed on itself two months ago.

As long as the privately owned Fed and the rest of the Illuminists are calling the shots speculative market dynamics and casino chaos will reign. These arrogant criminals are taking gambling to even greater heights. They profit because the Fed briefs them of what is going on so they can reap riches. Manipulation is the order of the day. All Keynesian thieves love massive stimulus as the bubbles burst. This time there is no way back. This repeat will rival the collapse of the Lombard System in Venice in 1348. The more important question is will we have another plague to accompany the Illuminist plague?

The real reason banks want to return TARP funds is that banks do not want examiners uncovering any of their illegal activities.

When the Allen Stanford case broke we told you that his operation was a front for CIA money laundering. BBC recently ran a story connecting him with the DEA. As that story broke he was told there would be no criminal action against him, a fact the mainline press forgot to carry. It could be narcos were depositing money in his operation and he and the CIA decided to relieve them of their ill begotten gains. That is robbing the competition. Stanford has had narco connections since 1990.

The GDP price deflator rose at 2.9% in the first quarter, this while meatheads tell us there is no inflation and deflation is the problem. Monetization will soon send inflation flying.

Last week the stock market failed again to advance, forming an ever-bigger top. The Dow added 0.1%; S&P gained 0.5%; the Russell 2000 gained 0.4% and Nasdaq rose 0.6%. - a week of desperation. Consumers rose 1.6%; utilities fell 0.3%; cyclicals rose 2.5%; transports fell 1.5%; banks declined 2.6% and broker/dealers gained 4.2%. High tech rose 1.7%; semis jumped 3.4%; Internets gained 1.5% and biotechs rallied 0.7%. Gold billion rose $26.00 and the HUI Index surged 10.9%.

Two-year Treasury bills rose 4 bps to 0.85% and the 10’s surged 31 bps to 3.45% - a total breakdown. German 10-year bund yields rose 18 bps to 3.54%.

Freddie Mac 30-year fixed rate mortgage rates fell 2 bps to 4.82%. They’ll soon be 5%, although major banks are offering 4-1/2% to 4-3/4%. The 15’s fell 2 bps to 4.50%; one-year ARMs rose 11 bps to 4.82% and 30-year fixed rate jumbos fell a notable 15 bps to 6.22%.

Fed credit rose $48.6 billion and it is off $81.4 billion ytd. It is up $1.294 trillion yoy or 149%. Fed foreign holdings of Treasuries, Agency debt surged $25.9 billion to a record $2.710 trillion. Custody holdings for foreign central banks have been expanding at 20% ytd, and were up $433 billion yoy, or 19%.

Bank credit fell $34.4 billion and it is up 3.6% yoy. Securities credit was up $6.1 billion; loans and leases fell $40.6 billion; C&I loans fell $9 billion and real estate loans fell $24 billion. Consumer loans fell $8.4 billion and securities loans were little changed. Other loans rose $0.6 billion.

M2 narrow money supply rose $8.9 billion. It is up 3.9% ytd. Total money market funds dropped $16 billion to $3.774 trillion. The dollar index fell 3.6% to 80.05.

The bond market is not falling because there is deflation in our future, but because the dollar is again tanking. That is why gold and silver is rising. There is also the matter of US debt going into the stratosphere and the increase in interest rates in the demand for higher yields to combat coming inflation.

Based on nominal growth over the next ten years the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, believes that GDP will grow 50%. There is not a chance that will happen. In fact, we could have no growth over that period. Yet, the proposed administration plan is to increase spending 50%. This shows you the desperation and stupidity of what is going on in Washington. Their only plan is to inflate until the system collapses. The robust recovery will only bring our negative GDP down to even as the stimulus package spreads its benefits. That will be some feat with real U6 unemployment at 19.2% to 19.8%. These facts and government projections will sink not only the dollar, but also sink the entire economy. America is looking at deficits of more than $1 trillion a year as far as the eye can see. Doesn’t anyone understand the impact of such borrowing? What foreigners can be stupid enough to lend to us unless yields are perhaps 15% on treasuries. That means the alternative is massive monetization and wild inflation. Making matters worse the whole world is experiencing the same problems. GDP growth has fallen 8% in Britain; 21% in Mexico; 14% in Germany and 15% in Japan. Chinese exports are down 41%, Japanese 38% and Germany’s 32%. The value of outstanding loans in Spain has fallen from $445 billion to $47 billion. They had risen between 2000 and 2008 by 850%. That was almost 50% of Spanish GDP. This is a direct product of the ECB, European Central Bank policy, of one interest rate for all 16 members, which is idiotic. Real unemployment in Spain is far above 20%. Ireland, due to the same misguided monetary policy, is almost as badly off. Both Spain and Ireland are insolvent.

Europeans, deceived by bogus securities ratings by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, are even worse off than US banks. Thus far the Fed has bailed out European banks, but that cannot go on indefinitely. Oddly we see no civil and criminal actions against American banks and securities industry or the rating companies, which tells us they knew exactly what they were buying – toxic waste.

The money raising dynamic for the Treasury is overwhelming. 30-year fixed rate mortgages should be around 5% this shortened week. The Treasury needs to raise $2 trillion this year of which the Fed has already monetized about $300 billion, plus the Fed is buying $900 billion in toxic waste. This is $1.2 trillion in monetization by the Fed.

On Tuesday the Fed is selling $40 billion of 2-year bills, $35 billion of 5-year notes and $25 billion of 7-year bonds. We wonder if the Fed will suffer the indignity of its first failed auction. $100 billion is a lot of money. US Treasuries may face a crowding out process, as governments collectively will have to place $6 trillion in debt this year. That means international business will find it even harder raising money in the future. The US has already lost control of long rates, just look at how easily and cleanly the 10-year notes and the 30-year bonds broke their 200-day moving averages. Markets are choking on debt. The end result will be US stagflation and a falling dollar, along with higher yields. The Fed claims it has only bought $116 billion of monetized Treasuries, but we believe that number is higher. The Fed won’t raise interest rates, but the market is going too.

Gold To Stand Against Big Devaluations

Bob Chapman
May 30, 2009

threats of devaluation and harder times are to be considered seriously, big players have reasons to acquire more gold, Large gold holdings have a history of their own, China caught in a dollar trap, Russia in an oil trap, America in a debt trap

What we are about to tell you may be the most important information that we have imparted in almost 50 years. something very bad is looming – we don’t know the exact configuration yet, but we think the key is the collapse of the dollar, which will send gold and silver to considerably higher prices. These events could unfold over the next 2 to 4 months. There could be devaluation and default of the US dollar and American debt. You must have at least a 6-month supply of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, a water filer for brackish water, and assault weapons with plenty of ammo and clips. You should put as much of your wealth as you can in gold and silver coins and shares. You should not own any stocks in the stock market except gold and silver shares, you should not own bonds the exception being Canadian government securities, you should not own CDs, cash value life insurance policies and annuities. And, needless to say, except for your home you should be totally out of real estate, residential and commercial because it will remain illiquid for many years to come. Continue to pay your normal debts down because we do not know how they will be treated when we arrive at devaluation and default. We certainly don’t want to have to tell you this, but the way things are shaping up it doesn’t look good. As we write this the dollar is breaking 80 on the USDX. Interest rates are climbing, and have broken out to the upside. Gold and silver are poised to break into new high territory and the stock market is preparing to retest 6,600 on the Dow. You have been warned, act accordingly.

The Chinese and Russians are the laughing stock of the US and European Illuminists at the G-20 meetings concerning talk about a new world reserve currency to supplant the dollar. With China's gold reserves of about a thousand tons and Russia's five hundred tons, they are like penny ante poker players trying to get in on a thousand dollar ante game. They need five to ten thousand tons of gold reserves just to be an average player in "The Big Game," much less a leading and influential player. The rest of their foreign exchange reserves are denominated in fiat currencies, which are all practically worthless except for the euro and Swiss franc. The euro has about 5% backing of gold and the Swiss could have 25% backing if they again desired gold backing. China has about two trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves, while Russia has about 400 billion dollars worth. It does not take a math genius to figure out that two trillion times nothing is still nothing. They are creditors who hold worthless bonds and notes. Big deal. Their only trump card is that they can make gold skyrocket and the dollar tank before the Illuminists are ready to take our financial system down. This is where their real leverage lies.

The talk about yuan and rubles as part of a world currency basket is just noise, like a bunch of clanging cymbals making cacophonous sounds, because they have very little gold backing. At best, unless China and Russia add many thousands of tons of gold to their reserves to back up their currencies, the yuan and ruble will get some regional play, as a run-up to a world currency. This is just hubris to distract us from the true agenda, which is the formation of a single world currency.
While gold suppression is the Fed and the US Illuminists' number one priority, it is not their number one problem. So what is their primary problem? It is how to transition from the dollar to a world currency without losing too much of the powers and privileges that can only be attained by having sole control over the world's reserve currency. They can't figure out how to share this power with the other Illuminist enclaves in setting up a new world currency without substantially reducing their own power. This is a conundrum for them.

China and Russia are both well aware that they must acquire substantially more gold if they want to have any say on the matter of a world currency. The trick is, how to acquire new gold reserves without sending gold on a moon-shot or causing harm to the dollar by dumping dollars for gold. This is the opposite of what the Fed and US Treasury want, at least for now, until they are ready to take the system down to pave the way for a world currency and a one world government. So the Chinese and Russians are now at loggerheads with the US and European Illuminists. What China and Russia need to do in their own best interests is an anathema to the Fed and the US Treasury. This may explain the IMF gold sale rumors. China wants more gold, and this would be a way to grab a large chunk without running the gold price up, which would make the Fed go ballistic.

The US and European Illuminists are also in a cat fight, because the European enclave controls more gold than the US elitists, so naturally they do not believe that the system of dollar hegemony, and all the privileges that go with it, should be continued any longer

You might be tempted to think that, in reality, the US gold reserves and, for that matter, central bank gold reserves around the world, are not what the central banks claim them to be, due to leasing and outright sales, so the US and European Illuminists are in no better position than the Chinese and Russians with respect to the debate about a new world reserve currency. You would be dead wrong if you thought that. Why, you might ask? Let's discuss that.

Never mind that the roughly eight thousand tons of US gold is stolen or hypothecated, because the US and European Illuminists stole a large portion of it, or they bought it at fire-sale prices and still have it in their secret vaults in Switzerland and off-shore in safe-haven countries. Who do you think was doing all the buying during the London Gold Pool of the late 1960's, just for starters, which was fueled by Fort Knox gold provided courtesy of President Johnson, who was an elitist bootlicker and one of the most evil men of the 20th century? Why do you think US coin melt from the Depression is showing up in London gold vaults? Rumors still abound that the Rockefellers, with President Johnson's help, stole a large portion of the Fort Knox gold during the London Gold Pool days, and those rumors could well be true based on what we have heard from some of our subscribers who used to work at Fort Knox. Could that explain why one of Rockefeller's secretaries, who blabbed about them acquiring some of the US gold, "accidentally" fell out of a high rise building? Could it be that President Johnson was grateful for Rockefeller's help in eliminating the pesky President Kennedy when he tried to put their precious Fed out of business via Executive order 11110? We'll let our subscribers decide!

The same is true for the European gold holdings and the holdings of other central banks around the world, which are a fraction of what they claim, perhaps with as little as five thousand tons remaining out of some thirty thousand tons officially claimed by all central banks, including the privately owned US central bank, the Fed, via its so-called gold certificates, which are claims on the US Treasury gold. Rest assured that much of this gold was leased out and sold not just to jewelers, but to the US and European Illuminists as well. In addition, much of this central bank gold was either pilfered outright, or was virtually given away by people like Gordon Brown of England, the King of Fire-Sale Gold, who sold half of the UK national gold reserves to the Rothschilds and other Illuminists at the bottom of the gold market. The remainder of the UK gold reserves is probably leased out and gone to oblivion like the US gold. The people in the UK are minus eight billion and counting on that one, while the Rothschilds are on the plus side of that equation.

And who do you think were buying a large portion of the gold sold under the Washington Agreement and its various renewals? We'll give you three guesses.
And who owns all the secret gold that has been stolen in various wars, conquests, pogroms, genocides and religious inquisitions over the many centuries, that don't show up in the World Gold Council's figures? And who owns all the scrap gold that was melted down in the last gold craze of the late 1970's and early 1980's for which no records were kept? And who owns all the old investment gold held by families of old wealth that was secretly moved from the US to Europe after the Great Depression on a tip-off from FDR that he was going to render gold ownership illegal in the US. They got a nice profit when FDR bumped the gold price from $20 an ounce to $35 dollars an ounce, didn't they? Who owns all this unaccounted for gold. Again, we'll give you three guesses. We can assure you that it is more than the 2% unaccounted for by the World Gold Council.

Then there is the 26,500 tons of gold which the World Gold council allocates to private investment. Just who do you think most of those private investors are anyway? They are US and European Illuminists, that's who. They own tens of thousands of tons. Either they own it, or their central banks own it. The US and European Illuminists can shuffle their gold back and forth between themselves and their central banks as they see fit, since none of them are ever meaningfully audited. So if the Chinese and Russians want to play in this high stakes game, they need to buy lots of gold, and very quickly. The window of opportunity to buy gold on the cheap has already closed. Hyperinflation is on its way. They are too late to the cheap gold party. Buy gold now, before China and Russia try to accrue the amount of the gold required to ante up in "The Big Game" so they can have a say on the new world economy that will emerge in the aftermath of the current catastrophe.

China is caught in a dollar trap. If they try to unload dollars, they destroy the remainder of their holdings, so they have to keep vacuuming up a large portion of the dollars that are being dumped in the form of treasury bonds to support criminal zombie bank bailouts and rampant socialistic welfare spending which the US government euphemistically calls a stimulus package. If China doesn't keep sucking up dollars, the US will have to monetize more and more treasury bonds to "save the economy," which is another euphemism for the socialization of Wall Streets losses courtesy of the US taxpayer. The top 19 banks, including the legacy banks, get all the money they want to shore up balance sheets and to take over the smaller fry, while the smaller fry get nothing, not even loans from the larger criminal zombie institutions who can't wait until they fail so they can absorb them at pennies on the dollar. The Fed now determines which financial institutions live or die by bestowing taxpayer largesse on who they may, but heaven forbid that they should have to account for what they are doing with that largesse. We need to audit and end the Fed, just as Ron Paul has requested via new legislation that is getting ever more sponsors.

China and Russia are in a very poor position monetarily, at least as bad as Europe and the US, perhaps even worse. They have no business pushing their weight around when they their gold reserve holdings are inconsequential. So what if they are creditors. The debts owed to them are denominated mostly, or at least substantially, in dollars, which are becoming ever more worthless as Emperor Obama throws lavish dollar bailout parties for the rich bankers and the social welfare recipients, while the middle class and non-anointed upper class, which could reduce the ensuing inflation caused by these lavish dollar parties via increased production, are given token relief.

China has tens of millions of young men out of work, and if the US dollar, US treasuries and US economy go down, and inflation shows its ugly head due to dollar dumping and/or US treasury-shunning, we can assure you that the US consumers' demand for Chinese goods will drop off a cliff. You haven't seen anything yet when it comes to reductions in consumer demand. Wait until hyperinflation and double digit interest rates hammer the world economy. When the US consumer finally goes south for the last time, this will put tens of millions more out of work in China, and there will be violence and revolution if that happens. De-coupling is a myth that has been thoroughly shattered.

While China is in a dollar trap, Russia is in an oil trap. The Illuminati still control the price of oil, so Russia is at their mercy as well. There recent financial market experience was an absolute disaster as oil tanked. Their markets were a shambles, and had to be closed down many times to stop panic selling and to control speculative short-selling. They had to spend down a large portion of their reserves to support the ruble and their financial markets. They are hardly in a position to dictate terms regarding a world currency. If they try to bully Europe with natural gas, this will backfire. The price of oil will then drop to $15 a barrel.

Why are we paying interest to the Fed on money that is being created out of thin air to save the privately owned Fed itself, as well as its member institutions, which are receiving interest themselves from the Fed on the taxpayer money being loaned to them to shore up their balance sheets so they can continue to function without being shut down? We're paying interest while they're earning interest? Does that sound fair to you? Talk about moral hazard! And these are the same institutions that have conspired with the Fed to destroy our financial system to make way for a one world government, which is a euphemism for an Orwellian police state. We are certainly not paying this interest to ourselves as the media morons would have us believe, but to the anointed Illuminist financial institutions, which continue to privatize profits even while losses are being socialized to bail them out. The common and preferred stock which taxpayers own in these companies is worthless, a fact which is being covered up and hidden from investors by use of deceitful financial statements that allow assets, with the blessing of our "regulators," to be carried at mark-to-model values, meaning that these assets are whatever the criminal zombie financial institutions say they are.